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Shiora - Title thumbnail
So, getting back in the groove of drawing after many years of.. well not drawing. This is to be the thumbnail image of Shiora, whose adventures I am currently trying to draw as a comic. This image didn't turn out as I had hoped as it's suppose to be at a downward angle but.. it doesn't look like it to me.. in any case, here it is.


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United States
Name: Shiora Aldrien Silverwing

Apparent Age: 8

Years Since Hatching: 3

Species: Chrysalia

Race: Froya

Gender: Female


Basic Appearance


Hair: Black, shoulder length

Facial Hair: n/a

Eyes: (better described in the description)

Skin: White as the full moon on a clear night

Build: lean

Height: 5'

Weight: Varies

Special Features:

Detailed physical description: Being rather tall for her apparent eight years, Shiora is rather thin despite the amount she eats. Her hair, which falls at shoulder length, is a dark black with flecks of soft color like one would often see in opals which shimmer almost like stars when light touches the soft strands. The darkness of her hair is a grave contrast to her skin tone and causes her youthful face to appear slightly chubbier than it is. Large, almond shaped eyes seem to give her a doll-like quality especially with eyes like the bloodstone on which her "egg" rested. The deep green irises with dark red flecks in random places seem almost as though they were made of the stone themselves.

Her usual attire consists of a pale pink shirt with "fluffy" sleeves that end in ties at the elbows, a black leather vest that has two straps to buckle it in place, a pair of black shorts that end halfway down her calves, and a purple sarong tied about her hips that ends just slightly below the shorts with the slit up the right side. Shiora hates to wear shoes and usually wears silver anklets with bells. However, on the rare occasions that she goes to shore, Captain Jacobs has her wear a pair of sandals - the only form of footwear she would agree to.

Around her neck is a simple silver chain with a single pendant. The pendant is an odd one a teardrop shaped opal with a small portion of it not the color of the opal, but of the bloodstone color of her eyes.




Personality: Though sweet and seemingly innocent, this child is a bundle of mischief - as most children tend to be. Shiora doesn't know a stranger and will talk for hours on end about nothing at all. She holds a great capacity for love, showing it even in the darkest of times. Often, she has been referred to as the crew's guiding light. It's hard not to love her and even harder to stay mad at her.

She learns at an increasingly fast rate, often picking up things just by watching.

Quirks and Habits: For some unknown reason, Shiora is terrified of silverware to the point that if she even catches a glimpse of a spoon, fork, or knife she freezes instantly. Oddly enough, though, she is not terrified of decorative knives or ceremonial daggers.

Shiora refuses to go more than 5 miles away from the ship, as if she takes even a step further would cause something bad to happen. Another odd note would be that she talks to the various stones and gems that the crewmen of the ship bring her.


Skills and abilities



Sparring: Though she does not know the technical terms of many moves, Shiora has learned how to fight from watching the crewmen fighting.

More to come as she grows.


Weight Adaptation: Shiora can change her weight though her size does not change. For instance, if she needs to be carried, she can cause her body to be light enough to be carried, but at the same time, if she does doesn't want anyone to pick her up she can change her weight so that her body feels as heavy as the stone she was birthed from (which took two full grown men to carry).

Emotional Influence: Shiora's very presence has the effect of calming even the wildest and angriest of beings. She is learning to control this to where she can remove all the calm or give a large dose of the calming energies. Once she's mastered this, she intends to learn to single out the energy. Basically meaning to be able to calm just one being without affecting anyone else.

Astral Projection: Though she will not have this ability until she reaches her teen years, I felt it important to put it up regardless. Astral Projection is where the spirit leaves the body and can travel, uninhibited anywhere the spirit wishes. It's important, however, that the body remain in a safe place because if the spirit loses it's body it will be forced to roam the world as a shade. It's also important to note that if the spirit is destroyed then the body will be left in a comatose state until it is no longer able to function or until a wandering soul with no body of its own claims it.

Dream Walking: This is a gift she will not have until adulthood. Shiora has the ability to enter another being's dreams. In the beginning she will not have any control inside the dreams and will need the dreamer's help to influence the dream, however, the more she uses it the more she is able to control until she can influence the dream herself.




Bag of Secrets: Shiora's "bag of secrets" is a leather bag tied to her shorts at the right hip. Everyone knows she carries an assortment of stones given to her by the crewmen, but they also believe she has put other things inside because she refuses to let anyone look inside.


Weapon (if applicable)


Weapon Description/Info: She's a child. No responsible adult would give her a weapon.




Fate has an odd way of working in manners you would never suspect.

Shiora's story starts back when the world was fresh and teeming with wildlife and creatures now lost to myths and legends. Chrysalians, for those who didn't know, were rare even in times of old. Their birth was one of ritual. Every three hundred years a comet can be seen from the planet's surface. This comet, today, is known as Thraidon's Tear. This is based upon a myth no one actually believes anymore, but is still passed on from generation to generation. Without this comet, a Chrysalian cannot leave their "egg" state.

There were four different sub-species, or races, of  the Chrysalia species. Shiora is of the Froya. The Chrysalia are a unique species. They do not lay the eggs they are birthed from, but they do create them. The Froya, for instance, carve their eggs out of rock or precious gems. One couple even created their egg from mud, molding it like clay.

The child is created within the egg when the parents join spirits within the egg, creating a sort of "spirit child" inside. The child feeds from the energies around it's egg, using those energies to "build" its own physical body within the egg. The comet is important, because it gives off waves of energy strong enough to be felt upon the planet's surface - but not below it. This energy, once absorbed by the child, awakens the child and gives it the strength to free itself from its egg.

Shiora's egg was carved from opal. The egg stood at three feet tall with a width, at it's broadest point, of one foot seven inches. It rested upon a pedestal of bloodstone, hidden deep in a cave on the Valterren Isle.

Captain Jacobs and his crew stumbled upon the egg while hunting for treasure said to be stored within the mountains. It was midday when they found the egg, spiderwebs hanging from the walls and ceiling like blankets of lace. The beauty of the white stone, shimmering lightly with colors of the rainbow drew them closer to it, much like the song of a siren might. Though the grown men would not admit it aloud, each found it beautiful. Assuming this was the treasure they had heard about, and not wanting to leave empty handed, they took the egg to the ship.

The plan had been to take the stone and sell it to jewelers, but such did not go according to plan...

Midnight struck after three days out at sea, it was the first night  Thraidon's Tear appeared in the sky after 300 years. It was as though something fell from the sky and hit the ship, causing it to dip a little deeper into the water and toss those in and on the ship about. As one could expect, the captain was furious for being tossed out of his bed. He stormed up to the deck, fully prepared to yell at the first person that crossed his path, but what he saw stopped him dead.

They had placed the egg near the mast, covering it in old, torn sails they needed repaired and nets they used to catch fish to keep them from going through their supplies too quickly. These things were no longer on the egg, seemingly blown off by whatever had hit the ship. But no one was even concerned about it, their gaze was on the egg. The egg was glowing and the colors that shimmered oh so lightly before were now vibrant and dancing upon the stone.

Mattias, one of the crewmen close enough to the egg, reached out to touch the egg only to pull his fingers back with a yelp of pain. His pain was quickly forgotten, however, when the egg began to shake. It started lightly, like a slight shiver a person feels when something bad is going to happen, and grew till it was so violent it shook the entire ship. Jacobs was frightened the ship would capsize, but the entire crew (himself included) couldn't do anything about it as they clung to anything they could grab ahold of. As the shaking grew stronger the egg began to lift into the sky, barely missing the eagle's nest.

Slowly, the egg began to spin in midair only to pick up pace with each rotation and the faster the egg spun the more distorted the shape of it seemed to be. Faster and faster it spun and the stone seemed to grow longer and thinner until it was more of a cylinder than an oval. At this point, it began to slow. By this time the ship had slowed to a gentle rocking allowing the crew and the captain to avert their full concentration on the now descending figure.

They couldn't believe what they saw. A girl, around the age of seven based on appearance stood upon the deck now. For a moment they were too stunned to react, even as she walked towards the captain who was awkwardly sitting on a crate with his arms tangled in some rope. Saying nothing, she crawled onto his lap to sit like a child might do to her father to play lightly with his beard.

"What.. What is it Cap'n?" One of the crew members asked.

"A... Child.." He muttered softly. She was absolutely adorable and Jacobs found the dream he had in his youth to have a family rekindled.

"What's your name?" He asked the child, but she didn't answer.

"Alright men," he continued, "Clean this mess up."

Though the men were all curious about what she was, they obeyed and in fact worked quicker so they could learn more about the girl and what exactly she was all the quicker. Jacobs, however, took her to his cabin. The first thing he did, was put one of his shirts on her. The shirt was much too large, coming down to her knees like a dress. He had to cut the sleeves so that she could use her hands. The entire time he did this, she stood silently with her large eyes staring up at him. Once finished, he felt rather awkward.

"Uh.. Are you.. I mean do you want.. What do you eat?" He managed, though her only response was tilting her head adorably to the right.

"Right.. You don't understand. I'll be right back." He said, holding up a finger before heading for the door. The moment he opened it half the crew fell into the doorway in a huge dog pile. This caused a laugh to escape her. It was simply beautiful. Like the soft sounds of bells. They all stared at her a moment before Jacobs ushered them all out and headed for the galley. What he found when he came back shocked him silly.

Shiora, in all of her cuteness, sat in the middle of the room - which was now a wreck- surrounded by papers, odd knick knacks that had large bites out of them, his telescope which now had gnaw marks, and in her lap was a book from which she was tearing papers and steadily stuffing in her mouth.

"No!" He screamed and quickly set the food he had retrieved down and ran towards her. This frightened her, causing her to emit a strong pulse of relaxing energy which quite nearly put him to sleep in mid run. By the time he reached her, she was crying.

"No no.. Its okay, you didn't know any better," he said as he scooped her up in his arms to rock her and stroke her back until she stopped crying - all the while fighting the drowsiness the relaxed feeling she was creating caused.

Having calmed her down, he immediately summoned the crew's medic, Theo, to make sure none of what she had eaten would hurt her. Theo could find nothing wrong. In fact she appeared to be a perfectly normal child. At this point a crewman by the name of Galen stepped in.

"I think I found something of yours." He muttered softly and extended his hand to reveal a small teardrop shaped stone. Its seemed to be made of the same stone she had emerged from with a small portion of dark green and red in a condensed area. Immediately, her face lit up and she took it only to leap off the table she had been placed on for examination towards him. Her arms wrapped about his neck in a snug hug, which he returned after a moment of shock. With a kiss to his cheek, she released him to slide down to the floor. Stone in hand, she made her way to the captain's bed and crawled onto it.

Shiora named herself. It was a few days after she came into being and the men were arguing over what to call her. One man had said to name her Sally, another Trinity, and the list kept growing until her soft little voice silenced them all.

"Shiora," she said as she looked them all in the eyes, "Shiora Aldrien Silverwing." The name was the same as the main character of her favorite book series. Shiora Silverwing - Pirate Captain of the Skyship Tempest.

As the following year passed, she learned things at an alarming rate. Already she had a vocabulary far beyond that of the crew. She still looked as young as the day she came into being, and a style all her own. Jacobs had to compromise with her to get her to wear a sarong, despite the fact he wanted her to wear dresses. She said she disliked dresses as dresses constricted her movement.

It was her first birthday and the crew wanted to do something special to commemorate it. They docked in a port on the coast of Pelara, a country known for it's fine cuisine. It was funny seeing the group of fifteen men, who were usually dirtier than the floor of a barn, clean and finely dressed. They were all uncomfortable in the attire, but it was a special day for them all.

Colbert, the one who had made the actual reservation, had screwed up and forgot to ask the waiters to remove the silverware - so as they entered the reserved room, Shiora immediately froze the moment she spotted the silverware.

"Quick men! The cutlery!" Immediately the men went into action, grabbing every last bit of the silverware and taking it out of the room. It took her a moment to relax and, although the men were all upset with him, she forgave Colbert and paid him special attention that day to make sure he knew she wasn't upset with him. Aside from the odd looks the employees of the restaurant gave them for eating with their hands, the party was a huge success ending, as some parties do, with the birthday girl falling asleep before time to go.

As they were carrying Shiora back to the ship, Mattias spotted a red-tailed hawk following them. At first he thought nothing of it until it hovered over the ship as they began to board. It was curious the hawk would be following them, but then in the past year weirder things had happened. They stayed in port that night so they could go the next day to restock their supplies and visit some of the locals. Well, when they woke up they saw something else that shocked them. There in the early morning light, Shiora was playing with the hawk.

"Been playin' wit' that bird since the sun came up. Went to the galley to get somthin' to drink, came back and saws the two havin' a grand ole time." Jack, the man who was keeping the night watch explained when they all came up. It didn't take much to get Jacobs to say yes to keeping the hawk, whom Shiora named Hubert.

The hawk was a loyal companion, helping in anyway he was able especially when it came to keeping the ship rat free. In a way, he was a guardian for the young child. He died two years after joining the crew. It was the saddest day any of them had ever experienced.

It started out as a beautiful day, the first day of fall, in fact. The wind was slightly colder, a tidbit harsher, and the sky was a bright, but pale blue. Everyone was feeling a bit lazy due everything outside of their beds being colder than the inside of their beds. Shiora seemed to be the only one not too affected by it. She and Hubert stood outside, facing the sun to watch it as it lifted into the sky. They loved watching the sun rise together, almost as much as they enjoyed dancing in the light of a full moon. The tranquility was disrupted by a thunderous sound from behind the ship. They were under attack.

The men sprung into the action, readying the weapons as Shiora raced to the hidden compartment they had made for her in case of an emergency like this. The attacking ship made it to their port side and boarded. The battle lasted for hours and ended when one of the opposing crew killed Hubert. It had been an accident. The bullet was meant for Captain Jacobs, but Hubert had gotten in the way and saved his life. The battle stopped for a brief moment before picking back up with the men fighting far more viciously, this time aiming to kill. This drove the attacking crew off their ship and sent them running. Jacobs let them go, there was no point in chasing after them.

Once it was clear, Shiora came out. She knew it before she saw it. As she scooped the dead bird into her arms, she wept for the second time in her life. It was interesting what happened next. Her tears fell into the pool of the bird's blood, mixing in with it and seemed to crystallize. It wasn't long before there was a pile of small, tear shaped gems. They were as red as the blood with flecks of green, dark blue, orange and even a few spots of purple. No one noticed this until they moved to take Hubert from Shiora. As a result, each of the crew now carries one of these blood opals in remembrance of Hubert. Shiora's is inside her bag of secrets.

Despite the sadness of her loss, Shiora kept her head up and faced each day with a brightness that only seems to grow brighter with each passing day. Often, that brightness is the only thing that keeps the crew going.


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