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:iconreyniki:Reyniki posted a status
Small Update for anyone interested in that Scarfox:

I've been keeping up to date with Hearthstone's newest cards coming out for the Witchwood expansion and most of them look really... meh so far. I've already bought the pre-purchase pack so I have 70 packs to try and get something good. After seeing all the reviews for the card reveals, I have low expectations that the cards will get better so...

TL;DR I may open up the scarfox sale earlier.

Didn't want to say this until April 1st is done but ye, this ain't a joke. I'm probably just gonna ask for a bunch of Frozen Throne cards 'cause those cards are pretty good.

Gonna wait a couple more days to see if Blizzard makes something OP but I don't have high expectations rn.

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