How many languages can you speak/understand?
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Published: March 19, 2015
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FadingWraith|Hobbyist General Artist
English is my first language and I'm in my second year of Japanese :3
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moonlightwalk|Hobbyist General Artist
Hmmm, lemme see, first language is Dutch, I can speak and understand French (though I suck at speaking) and English, understand German and some Spanish (and can do some very basic stuff in both, like ask for the toilet or for a meal :') ). I had Latin for 6 years if that counts as a language skill :')

One day I wanna be more fluent in Spanish and in my dreams learn Japanese
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PearlEvil|Student General Artist
I speak English, and know some Latin (I'm still in Latin 1). I plan on taking Latin for the rest of my high school years. xD
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CobbIer|Student Digital Artist
I know English and German and I'm studying Icelandic as well as Japanese right now!
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My first language is Italian and I understand English. At school I studied French and Spanish too, but memory betrayed me :(
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4 and some crappy french xD
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Vrisky|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dutch, German, English;;
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Ske1e-Prince|Hobbyist Digital Artist
English, Spanish, but I'm gonna be learning Japanese very soon! :'D
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storminq|Student Digital Artist
english and french :peace:
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Heartsinclaire|Hobbyist General Artist
Spanish and English are the main ones and then I remember a bit of Latin back in 6th grade since our middle school had an advanced learners program or something like that

I don't remember much of Latin anymore tbh ;v;

I would say some Japanese words due to anime xD
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DarkLordIvy|Hobbyist Digital Artist
English is my first language. I can understand quiet a bit of Danish, but I am absolutely terrible at speaking it (i'm getting there!). Likewise I understand some Japanese, but I haven't properly practiced in months due in large part to being on exchange in Denmark. I took a semester of French two years ago, but the people in the class were terrible and I ended up quitting before I learned much of anything.
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Sacredwolfe|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I speak a little bit of a lot of languages haha, so I'm not sure which I should put. Born to the English language (though I really suck at speaking out my thoughts in it xD), but also know some of/can understand some German, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, and French. 
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GemWhisker|Hobbyist Digital Artist
english, japanese(im not japanese) and i take spanish class in middle school but i dont know a single word XD
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I speak very little of 4 diffrnat languages ;-; 
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KirasDarkLight|Student Digital Artist
It used to be two but then I forgot Spanish... x'D
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Sabi-Arts|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Only Danish and English, I had French for 3 years but I only speak/understand some words and one or two sentences xP
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