How did you name your characters?
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Random name generator then whatever I see fit X'D
Some of the names have special meanings in them (My dog's name, name from a video game character I love etc.)
Mixed up random letters in my head and picked whatever sounds good
I dunno... I just do? o__o
Other? (Comment pls~)
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Published: July 26, 2015
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Sia-Mon|Hobbyist General Artist
I do a mixture of those things
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Sometimes references sometimes mixed letters and whatever sounds good.
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FadingWraith|Hobbyist General Artist
I usually either fly to google translate and find something in another language with a nice meaning, go to this one elven name generator and pic and choose name prefixes and suffixes, or just have something come to me/make a name that sounds cool c:
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SapphireSquire|Hobbyist General Artist
Any of the above. XD
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Toko-AcanEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
All names have special meanings.
Usually I pick them from fandoms I belong to: "Ravenclaw', "Fawkes", "Mockingjay", "Midona"...
I also pick names that matter on a personal way: "Rakkan" who comes from Japanes, "Poumky" was the name of my favorite horse at club
And when nothing hits me I try to fins something related to the appearance/personality of the character: hence why my chocolate roan piebald is called "Cappuccino", because her body is both very dark, near black as coffeee, and has some large areas of white and chocolate color...

Usually everything is made on purpose with my name. My only character that has a name that doesn't mean a lot is Phase, the wolf I adopted from Hlaorith. She chose the name and I wanted to respect her choice (well I still asked her why she chose this name ahahah). And well I fell in love with this character, so it would be weird for me to change his name, because for me designs are more than simple shapes and color on a reference sheet.
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Demu11|Hobbyist Digital Artist
All of the above 8'D
But i noticed you needed help with last names so xD What i do for those, is that i think about where the character comes from; time period, mainly XD If it's, lets say, a steampunk era, i google "steampunk last names" or i use a name generator and pick whatever looks good with their first name >u>
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Vrisky|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I usually name them after things/books/fandoms I am interested in at that time.. example I have some characters with elvish names;; u v u;
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emiemi345|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sometimes I just make up words that sound good~ XD
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galianogangster|Hobbyist General Artist
They usually just come to me when I see the finished design :)
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denya-chan|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahaha, I do all of these thing! XDD
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Comet-117|Student Digital Artist
I often pick names from random name generators, but with my main characters, their names kinda just came to me, either in dreams, or I looked at them, and for some reason, immediately knew their name XD
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moonlightwalk|Hobbyist General Artist
Sometimes meaning, sometimes whatever sounds good, if I'm desperate random generator till I find something I like xD
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gucciguts|Hobbyist Digital Artist
P. Much anything I can remember lmao.

The names I'm using next are Tash and Kale c:
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Sylveon17|Hobbyist General Artist
I often search for names in different places (Japan is my go too!) And look at the meaning of the name and have it fit there! Other times it's names of people or animals I know! :D
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Most of the names I have, usually have a meaning c: It's fun to do so really, gives them just that lil special thing more haha. cx 

my main OC is dairinn, which means gift of god in irish. my online boyfriend is irish so he's like a gift of god to me <33
the OC i made for my boyfriend but i use as well is called boozey: he likes booze so, why not call him boozey right. 

I MEAN, just look for some cool things and perhaps look in another language or something :D I'd love to help you if you're looking for more haha c=
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Panoptos|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I check baby name websites x'D
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Tiger-Bytes|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sometimes names just come to me, sometimes they mean something.
Usually I try and look at the design, and name off some names and see what fits
Sometimes names just come instantly
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Emh sometimes I just pick something that I made up, or search up names from different countries (depending on the character)
For a couple of mine I have chosen words from my language! Like Skog and Vinter (forest and winter)

But either way its ALWAYS difficult to find names! Sometimes I find names that I dont even like that much, which I try not to do I: (there is sadly a couple of characters I DONT remember the name of because I have just given them a name without thinking too much about it ;; Deffinatly gonna rename them II: )
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Reyniki|Student Digital Artist
I need serious help with last names in perticular haha 8'D
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