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If you get a class project that requires a visual art component as the final product but you're not being marked on your skill in art, do you try? 

43 deviants said Yes, tryhard artist right here. I'll make it super pretty!
27 deviants said Yes, but only to the 'required amount'. I'm not going to add anything extra.
7 deviants said Nah, rough doodles/ photoshop pictures all the way

Devious Comments

digiVenn Featured By Owner May 8, 2017
Oh god I am definitely a tryhard. It's so bad it hurts.
I think the most prominent instance was way back when I was like 15 or something. I think I made a (really bad) pop-quiz flash game thing while I was presenting something that was just supposed to be a slideshow. It had so many bugs in it, it wasn't even funny LOL I think it played music too.
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