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1.) What book are you reading atm?
Nothing. My mom is very disappointed in me XD

2.) What thing that's in your in your room right now is most important to you?
My pachimari plushie ;v;
20170206 084558 by Reyniki

3.) What are you wearing?
A pink t-shirt, hoodie wrapped around my waist, sweat pants, socks and shoes. I'm in class rn.

4.) If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?
Buy all the art of my characters, some gifts for my parents/close friends, Hearthstone card packs and give some money to those who are extremely talented on the street ^^ Of course, I have other stuff I'd like to get but it depends XP

5.) Any girl crushes?

6.) Boy crushes?
Meh, not really

7.) What's for dinner tonight?
No idea XD

8.) A fact about yourself that your watchers (probably) don't know yet.
I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. So like, when I was 3 years old or somethin'. I was able to draw dragons when i was in daycare which surprised my teacher a LOT.

9.) Contributed by Shadow-Dragon-777 : What's your favorite shampoo?
Anything that smells nice.

10.) Contributed by iEMT : You have three options: You get to enjoy your favorite season and/or favorite seasonal sport/activity year round, one of your head world characters comes to life in the real world, or your art supplies are given to you free for life. Which do you choose?
I'll definitely love to hang out with Arias Valenoire. One, because I made him a multi-billionaire. Two, because he's super nice and understanding so as long as I don't deliberately try to kill him or take advantage of him (which I won't holy frick), he's fine with anyone. Three, because he's really freaking handsome and I want a magical rich husband lol.

I'll probably get endless supplies of art supplies from Arias if he comes to life anyway lol.

11.) Contributed by Riskikoi : What's your most favourite memory?
I don't have any favourite memories, just a lot of good memories. Like when I got my Snowball and Pachimari plushies. And when I went to Disney.

12.) Contributed by KirasDarkLight : If you could visit any other time period, with no repercussions, where would you go?
The future, 'cause I can't deal with a time period without technology. And any time periods where the best medicine is cutting your limbs off is a huge no go for me. So the future. I'd love to see some robots haha.

Tagging no one 'cause I'm lazy =P

KirasDarkLight Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Doing this in class- so shocking for University students.  XD
Really cool though.
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