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Let me just start of with saying:
This is MY opinion. It is neither right or wrong, this is the way I look at things! ^^

I remember a conversation I've had with a friends in real life. I've recently bought an adopt for $100+, it was human, the quality and detail is really really good. I personally loved it but then my friend said it wasn't worth the money. It was "unfinished" and the expression was plain, you can't tell what character he is going to be. The shading was rushed, the head shot was rushed, it was sloppy.

I argued, "you don't know how long this person spent on this design. The quality is already really good, there is a lot of details in this design! It's also human!"
She didn't seem to care about what I said and told me that design is probably worth $30-$40 and I got ripped off.

Then a few weeks passed, I think, I found a design that my friend Brier bought. It was human and the shading was clean, the hair was detailed, it had zoomed in shots of the details in the clothing. I didn't see the price anywhere but when I showed my RL friend, she said that was worth $100+ because THAT is finished art.

I was conflicted. I understood her argument and I still stand for my argument but I've been thinking a lot about it.
Then again, I only stand for my point because I have designed something before. It was PAINFUL. To start from scratch and think of something creative! Should the design be a canine? A dragon? A hybrid? What would others like? What would I like? I only know when a design is perfect when I start to like it. 

"If I like it, it's most likely others would too."
This is what I go by. And trust me, I'm hard to impress.
So if I spend hours and hours on a design on a design, damn right I have the right to price it over $100 if I want. You don't get TIME back, you can only exchange it for MONEY. So make the price worth the time you spent on it and it's only good quality if you think it is. And it's only worth $100+ if you think it is.
This is my first view.

Now, I'm NOT saying my friend is wrong. That is her opinion and like I said from the beginning, opinions are opinions. She is right in some sense.

After hearing her out, I started to notice the plainness in the design I bought. In fact, it opened up a whole new way I look at things. I don't see how flat color designs can be worth more than $100 unless there is a high demand for it. You know weavers and sooshes? There is a very VERY VERY high demand for them and they are literally flat color designs and sometimes on the same base. That's how businesses work, if there is a high demand for them, prices go up!

Now, if there isn't a high demand for these designs/species, I suppose it's best to start with something under the "big jackpot" of $100+
Then work your way up.

Now HOLD ON, you say
I still spent hours on this design/species!
Please re-read everything I just said from the beginning. I already stated that I understand your side. Calm. Down.

I'm just revamping what my friend says. This is my second opinion. This is how I view if a design is worth that much now in my opinion.
Will I use it? Is it high quality? Is it original/creative? And finally is there a high demand for it?
The last question doesn't always take effect. Sometimes no one else wants it but I do.
But it is a factor nonetheless.

This is my second view.

In the end, I really just let the artist price it the way they want. Only THEY can truly know how much the design is worth because THEY designed it.
You can do a lot with a design. Create a story, give it personality and life, you can draw it over and over and over. 
"But I don't do that stuff" Okay, don't buy the design. Simple as that.

In the end, the designs may not sell at all and although the artist does say they are okay with that, I personally wouldn't be.
You can't get back TIME, you can only exchange it for MONEY. I dunno, I guess as long as you stay optimistic, it doesn't matter~ ^^

Let me just wrap this long rant up with this is just my opinion with a little dash of my friend's opinion!
And lemme just drop this Polar here 8D
Polar By Oniongrump-d83xtec by Reyniki
Weeee I love you, Onnie, so much <333
moonlightwalk Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I think it depends on how compelling the design is to a person, but indeed also the time spent on it.
I see people selling designs like a dog collored like a fox or a plain human with buny ears. They get sold, but I'd never ever buy something like that -not that I buy designs in general, doing it yourself is more fun :') - . It can be simple, but it needs to be alluring, thought about. I've seen "lesser" artist seen come up with way better designs than popular ones, so I guess I don't get why people want to pay so much for generic designs from popular ones. I guess it's a part of a hype :shrug:

Now if it comes with clean wonderfull art that can highten the price, but it is definitly not the most important in my eyes.
Blackbrier Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It is true, though some designs only sell because a very popular artist is selling them. A lot factors in on who the artist is and how good of quality it is, If it's leaning towards what your crowd of watchers likes; do they like canines, dragons, sooshies, etc. It all depends on what they like and how well you draw and how popular you are anymore.

But It's not to say you should give up either, it's about finding your right groove for adopts. I'm still nosing around for mine right now.
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