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For this dude
Rikio Colour by Reyniki

I have ideas but I'm not so solid on them. I don't exactly know what role he's going to play in my stories but I want him to be important ;v;
Brief Summary of what I have so far:
  • I pictured him as a lost dragon living in the Edazin Desert, the northern part of Galicina with harsh winters and little to no life. He's very shy but when someone enters his territory, he becomes very aggressive. He can't see but he uses his the soundwaves from his screeches to 'see' his surroundings as the waves would bounce back to his armoured head and be translated into an 'image'. His screeches are of very high frequency, it can shatter glass. He's quick, fierce and super agile.

  • He cannot speak "Chattertalk' (Galicina's way of calling "English"), and only speaks in very rough Galicii (chimes, ice, wind and machine sounds).

  • I currently have no backstory idea. Most of the ideas that run through my head are very cheesy ;v;

Halp pls? Q3Q
Khimi-chan Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016
Oh man I get the "lord of the little animals" vibe.

Like he's this hulk but if someone followed him home they would see him keeping the smaller animals/creatures safe and idk collecting berries for the injured. (I'm also on my phone so I may have him completely wrong, he looks like a large creature but is he actually like glider sized?)
Reyniki Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Ooooh, that actually sounds pretty interesting 8D I have no size for him but he should be big and strong enough to carry an adult deer in his talons >v<
Come to think of it, his spikes on his neck actually make him look like he's wearing a crown too o3o
Khimi-chan Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016
Crawling around in the snow, using his huge wings and tail to clear areas large enough for patches of grass to grow even in the winter.

Local lore tells of the great beast King and his army of animal salves but in reality he's just keeping bunnies and foxes safe from snow tiems. ; -; <3
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January 16, 2016


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