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Tagged by Blackbrier and since everyone's doing it, I thought I'll do it too XP

1. When did you start to seriously draw?
Uuuh, I have a horrible memory but I joined a program called CyberArts when I was 12 I think? I had to do a serious portfolio and do an interview to get into the program so I guess that's when I started looking at art as a solid career path.

2. Do you have OC's? Who was your first OC? Do you still have them?
Like my VERY FIRST OC? Not Alvis actually ;; (Prepare for old as fudge art)
Blue by Reyniki
His name was "Blue" and I remember him being a runaway ghost being chased by death gods who want to bring him back to hell X'D 
I just... ugh... iPod art, man //cries
I have a similar character named Angel now though: Angel Ref 
I am so creative with names

3. Is creating artwork your job or is it a hobby? If it's just a hobby, do you have a job (or going to school)? How hard is it to create while working?
Just as a hobby. I'm still in school and getting really stressed about how hard it became Dx
I don't get to draw my own stuff as much as I want to and I'm being forced to draw traditional for one of my courses fffffffffffffffffff (I do good but hot damn I don't like traditional)

4. Have you met anyone in RL from DeviantArt yet?
Nupe ;v;
Unless you count my RL friends on DA then yes :'D bloknbeanbagg, NancyLuvzCookiez, Mangareadme YOOOOOOOOOOOOO~

5. How often do you come across art theft?
Urm, only with xKoday's stuff. I may have came across it on random occasions but I can't say I remember.

6. Do you have any pets?
Sadly no OTL Unless you count my plant as a pet LOL

7. What do you like to draw the most? (Animals, people, vehicle, etc etc - Get in detail too! Actiony? Fantasy? Romance? Etc etc)
Animals and people! I really, really want to improve on my people so badly. Most of my characters are human so I would die to have beautiful hooman drawing powers Q^Q
I like to draw in any genre possible XD Mostly into drawing horror/tragedy stuff with my OCs now 'cause I like torturing the feels XP

8. Back to OC's, is your favorite OC(s) shipped with anyone elses? If so, who's the lovely couple(s)?
Alvis x Angel >v< 
I don't ship with other people's OC very often 'cause I'll have to get their permission and plan their life/story together and every once in a while ask if the ship is still sailing and all that
I just have a lot of trouble with stuff like that :'D It's kind of like co-owning

9. What's your oldest image (or writing) on your DA account? Show us!
I deleted most of my old artwork on here and isn't that 2012 eye sore in question 2 enough? Dx

10. Now show us your newest image! (Or writing!) Are you happy with how far you've come?
Chocolate Thief by Reyniki 
Alvis is trying to get away from all these memes yo
And yes, I am very happy XD I can so do with more improvement but seeing how far I've come, I'm very proud of myself >v<

Tagging no one since I am lazy and stuff
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