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I'm like super busy right now + easily distracted on free time but I do want to make an art trade journal so when I'm not busy, I'll pick someone from here XD

Please comment with examples of your art (thumbnails are appreciated but not mandatory!)
And a visual coloured reference of your character you want me to draw, or give me up to 4 characters to choose from if you can't decide XD
Maybe also tell me what you can and cannot draw like "I can't draw humans" or something so I know not to make you draw something you're not comfortable with ^^

- I can't art trade with everyone since I'm only one person ;v;
- I prefer to trade with someone equal to my skill level (or exceeds my skill level lolz) or with a style I really like. Don't be offended if I don't pick you because of this! Just keep practicing and make it so that one day, I can't say no <3

- I'm slightly more bias to people who can draw humans and creatures (dragons/griffons etc) but I will still consider you nonetheless if you can only draw animals XD I have a variety of characters haha

Soooo yeah, that's it ovo

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KirasDarkLight Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Examples: Darkness Withheld I could do an ink piece of an animal.
First Sign Of Spring And you know my digital Stuff.
I can do animals, creatures or peeps, just please note if you want a peoples it'll take me longer then an animal mostly cause I haven't drawn a lot recently. But I am UP FOR ZE CHALLENGE, so hit me with your best. :dummy:

If you do decide to do a trade with me could we do it after I'm back on the 16th? I'm leaving on the 11th and won't be on DA during that time.

My guys:
Xavier Ref Sheet - Profile Update by KirasDarkLight In either wolf or human would be cool, human preferred.
PP-CM - Kirasdarklight -- Hitoso full reff sheet by dNiseb Er mah gerd having a picture of Hitoso done by you would be :iconfabulousplz:
Centaur OC by KirasDarkLight CPP: KirasDarkLight by Nerior <-- This 2nd piece is more what I imagine his as face wise. xD
Don't know if you can draw Centaurs, BUT I thought I'd put him up as an option. <3
Rohan Enever by seochan Or maybe even my assassin Rohan. :eyes:
Mont-ix Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016   Digital Artist
Here Are A Few Examples Of My Art:
Onward Trustful Stead by MontyBear321 [ PA ] Misty Mountain's Cold by MontyBear321 [ G ] Color Blind by MontyBear321
I Feel More Confident Drawing Canine-Like Creature's, Yet I'm Willing To Take On Other Creatures eg. Humans.
I'f You'd Like You Can Choose On Of These Two Trouble Makers:
M O N T Y [ Reference Sheet 2016 ][ Fursona + Bio] by MontyBear321 JACKAL SKETCH REFERENCE by MontyBear321 <- Brown Canine
KirasDarkLight Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I'll leave a proper comment when I'm able to get on my laptop.
Bringmemisery Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist

Here are a few examples of my art: 
Got Your Back by Bringmemisery  (CE) Abel by Bringmemisery  008 Sugar by Bringmemisery  OC: Madison by Bringmemisery

I'm better at drawing humans, but I'm okay with animals too! ((Just not the greatest at them ;w; ))

If you'd like to do one with me, perhaps you could do my oc?:…

Thank you for the opportunity!
K-Wolfheart Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Student Interface Designer
OMFG I'd love to do an art trade with you. That's be so fucking awesomee meow 
What I can draw well are humans and canines :)
Here are some examples of my art:……………
Soyala-Silveryst Featured By Owner Edited Dec 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I could love an art trade with you.

I just do not draw humans (yet).  
Original species are acceptable. (well...I have not yet found one that is a problem) xD

Here are some examples of my art:
P:. Like a rose petal
 T:. A magnificent moonlight
 C:. Lonely  
RoM:. You look delicious. 

If you can draw dragons I would love something from my boy. :D (Big Grin) 
Tawron- Ref sheet  
MismatchTwistedAngel Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Hobbyist
My gallery really is the best place to find examples of my art, which varies in style and such depending on my mood and the character i'm drawing, which may not be the best thing for you. I'm also a traditional artist, seeing as I currently can't download a digital art program until I get a new computer, which will be within the next few months. I'll post a link to my gallery, and my stash. mismatchtwistedangel.deviantar… . Any digital art you see was made with paint about a year ago, the program that comes with the computer/laptop, not sai or other advanced art tools, and edited with pixlr. I experiment quite often with my style(s), which means results may vary just slightly, however I tend to do more than one drawing, so I'll note you them? XD:iconnervous-laughplz: 

Totally understand if you don't want to, this is also something I'd just like to do for my free time, since I do have a break from commissions,and I prefer drawing other people's characters, simply because I seem to draw them better than my own. Traditional isn't always something people like ^u^. I'm able to draw just about anything? The only problem is coloring, considering I'm low on grey, I have jsut about any other color, and if not am Capable of buying/making the color. Ok, ell, I'm gonna stop rambling now nervous neko emoji 

Characters, if choice be: Heres my character stash in case any of them below aren't up to par.

(feral or humanoid is ok)
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