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I have a lack of CS in my collection now and these guys look adorable! Join join join~


By offering to RP with me, you agree to these terms:

  • The RP will be non-canon to my world's story so if you are hoping to get your character inserted into my canon story, sorry, I don't do that :'D But if things turn out well, I'll still be more than happy to draw them together in their own AU version of the world~ ^^
    • I keep things AU just so I can make things fun for me and you so I don't have to stress about making you aware of a change in plot, world building or whatever that may ruin our RP and ksajdfhliauew just keep it AU to save us a headache lol

  • Also, I have the right to reuse story beats in our RP in my official canon but with a different character (don't worry I won't make a carbon copy of your OC) so please don't get upset if you see the same/similar story happening but with your character replaced. 


    • Results will definitely play out differently with a different character but just don't jump the gun and get salty when you see a similar plot happen without your character in it. I'm not an endless well of plot ideas, I'm sorry. You are allowed to do the same with me and replace my character and reuse any story beats/world building you created. It's a mutual thing and I'm cool with that.

  • Allow me to draw AU art with your OC though ;v;
  • No god modding, no OOC drama, no injuries or deaths unless discussed/agreed upon by both parties etc. etc. Just play nice

  • Reply whenever you have time! 
    • Though I do hope for a minimum of 1 reply every 3-4 days ;v;

  • HAVE A DISCORD! I live on Discord these days when it comes to roleplaying 8'D


I roleplay semi-advanced.
Meaning I type out full paragraphs, use correct/semi-correct dialogue format, with decent spelling/grammar and describe backgrounds, narrate thoughts and all that. I expect a similar level of RP from you. No texting short cuts, make a new paragraph every time a new character speaks etc. etc.

I don't want an essay every time you reply though, but feel free to reply that much every once in a while if you're leading and you need to describe something. I don't mind a few sentences each reply if your character is the quiet type but please don't make it a habit. Have them ask questions or make them stand their ground SOMETIME, don't make them a "yes" or silent machine. Even if they're naive, sometime down the line, I do expect some sort of development if the situation calls for it.
Just... Balance in all things~ O:

Have fun too, don't be afraid to explore your character/world with me!

^The above category of text is an example of how long my replies would be on average!^


I wanna RP Aurelious 'cause I love him. Feel free to RP a character he'll despise or a character that he'll get along with. Idk what the RP will be about but let's figure it out together X'D

[REF] Aurelious Valenheart by Reyniki

Link your character in a comment and tell me about them or something.
Maybe propose an idea we can start with.
I'll RP if I'm interested Cx
Humans/humanoids only please!
Man it's been ages since I did an art trade and I'm aching for more Rokgar art
Of course, I can just draw him a bunch myself but I want to see him in all the styles D:
In case you don't know who Rokgar is:

[REF] Rokgar Hellfire by Reyniki
Cape on the armored outfit is optional
You may pick between his armored outfit and casual outfit
Weapons are optional too

I'm mostly asking for fullbody, coloured and shaded trades in either a "normal" style or a "cute" style
No backgrounds, aside from simple flat colours =P


Please be able to finish your part in half a year at the MOST.
I'll do my best to finish mine ASAP but as much as I understand how life gets in the way, if you KNOW you're in a rather unstable moment of your life right now, please don't offer to art trade until you're stabilized. It'll be best for both you and me. If I finished my part and you haven't by this deadline, you'll be immediately blacklisted and I have the right to re-use my part as a YCH/replace the character if I wish. No excuses.

You're account must be at least 6 months old and have at least 3 fullbody, coloured, shaded artworks uploaded that are MADE BY YOU
I will not trade with new or empty accounts. I'm sure you're a lovely person irl but please get some art up before offering.

Please make sure your part is on par with the quality/effort you put into your other art in your gallery
I'll do my best with your character and I really hope you'll do your best as well ;v;

It is up to you if you want to do more than what we agreed upon.
I'm most likely just going to stick with the fullbody, coloured/shaded guideline. Please don't "force" me to draw more than that by guilt tripping me saying "oh, but I added such a detailed background, why didn't you?" I set the bar of what we were both expecting, I'm not obliged to go beyond, as grateful as I am for your plus ultra skills.

I will not draw anything R-18
You must have a visual, digital and coloured reference of your character
I can draw humans or creatures, but you must be able to draw humans since you are drawing Rokgar
Don't feel bad if I don't pick you! You can always try again next time >3<

All that aside, just post your character refs in the comments and state if you want a chibi or a normal full-body trade ^^
Art examples are nice but not necessary~
I will pick one or two after a few days =P


D.Va Nendoriod 1 by Reyniki D.Va Nendoriod 3 by Reyniki



20181226 111447 by Reyniki D.Va Nendoriod 4 by Reyniki 20181226 113427 by Reyniki

//breathes in
//breathes out

I also did not expect myself to just burst into tears when I saw this
I guess I was just that surprised to see my main babe that I spent 103 hours on in such a beautiful form under the tree ;v;

This Christmas has been amazing for me ksfdfldf <3 I hope you guys are doing well too! ^^

20181225 104743 by Reyniki

Oh right, I also bought myself a tiny Queen Pachimari because my thirst for patchmaris can never be quenched
Not until I have an army XD

3) (Male - Vayron - Chaser - Healthy)
F: Duveteux Coat
T: Loopy Ears, Long Tuft Tail, Feline Eyes
P: Latte
G: Lat+
Hiya, just making a wishlist since I'm kinda in a Christmas mood
I doubt I'm gonna get anything (Plus, a couple of my beloved characters don't have updated designs/references sooo ye) but this is all for the fun XD

Drawings of these Babs

And well, that's it o3o

[REF] Arias Valenoire by Reyniki [REF] Ragnar Garren by Reyniki
[REF] Rokgar Hellfire by Reyniki
[REF] Mizumi by Reyniki [REF] Rikio by Reyniki Atheris By Quillcoil-darez02 by Reyniki
 Avalon 6579 by Reos-Empire
I did a thing today
It took forever but I finally got to use a 3D printer XD I could've made it smaller and saved me some time but I'm like, no, it has to be at least this big. Any smaller and it might as well be a thumb tack XD

Don't trust myself enough to paint it but this makes me really freaking happy haha

EDIT 3: Looks like everything has calmed down for now. No need to be packed up to make a run for it. Gonna go to sleep soon but I'll probably write a conclusion tomorrow once we figure everything out and see if our car survived the explosion.


EDIT 2: The fire fighters just came to check our basement to make sure the fire didn't come to our house. Our unit is pretty close to the garage that is still on fire. We're not the CLOSEST but we are pretty close. Seems like we're fine which is a relief. (It's also pretty darn cool to see firefighters are work up close ifyaknowwhatImean- I'm way too much of a kid for a 19 year old lol)

I know I don't sound the most panicked in this situation but nothing like this happened to me before so I'm just really freaking confused. I don't... panic per say at stressful situations, at least not in text. I guess this will be an interesting read when I look back on this in the future.


EDIT 1: The fire is being controlled right now but it is still burning. My dad says that the car that exploded is a decent distance away from our car so ours is probably fine. Won't know until the fire is put out though. Still not sure if it's just the car malfunction or some guy committing an arson. If it is the latter, then I'm pretty freaking scared...


Some car in our garage decided to explode randomly and started a fire. So RIP our car and everyone else's car that lives in our townhouse condo that parked their car in that garage. We don't know what caused the fire, if it was an accident or on purpose but my dad said there were a bunch of fire trucks outside right now.

I haven't taken a look myself but it's like midnight right now and it's pitch black outside, but apparently it's a really big fire according to my dad.

I don't know if the fire is going to spread to our home but I'm packed up to leave if it does. I'm sure the firefighters would not let that happen... ;__;
Just to add salt to injury, I have an assignment to hand in tomorrow for school and if I don't get to sleep soon, it'll be a pain to wake up. Ah well, I guess I'll have a good excuse to be a wee bit late to class.
First time making something out of wood and I was pretty proud of it. It's really simple since it was due in a week and I could only work on it for one day since all the tools were at school and I didn't want to go back and forth.

I spend around 4-5 hours on this and my mom just told me that I could've put more effort into making it stand out more.
Ah yes, this isn't the most unique or outstanding wooden creature compared to some of my classmates but way to shoot down the hours I put into this.
I'm sorry I'm not aiming for the silliest/craziest creatures but I thought this was awesome... at least until you told me it wasn't =___=


She probably meant to decorate the bird a bit so I did XD
No idea what I was going for (other than something Halloween themed), so I'm leaving it up to you viewers to figure out the meaning behind all this LOL
If you haven't noticed, I haven't been drawing a lot. Since University started back up for me and my low motivation in completing artworks, all art is on hold until I'm in the mood again.

But I do have a lot I want to get out so if you don't mind quick sketches, I may post my stuff on ReySketch and start writing about these new characters/story I have in mind. I am totally making Ragnar a main character now in my head, specifically his old murderous self XD
Minimite By Kawiku-d8hjpr9 by Reyniki
Nearly forgot I still own this design by Kakiwa
And I don't really have a use for it anymore. 


Here's proof I own this design if anyone's interested but just suspicious of me!
Minimite confirmation by Reyniki

Things I'm looking for:

  •  If you could do a 3 way trade by getting me Advent: Dream Calico from here then it'll be a 100% yes
  •  Dragon designs from: Arukanoda, Pudingi, Quillcoil or any other good dragon designers out there.
  •  I will also HIGHLY consider Cakeindafridge designed Reoseans
  •  Rare marked reoseans, reosean genos with 2 uncommon marks (or more) will also be considered
  •  Scarfoxes and esks are acceptable offers as well, but it really depends on the design.
  •  HQ Art of these guys:
    Avalon 6579 by Reos-Empire Atheris By Quillcoil-darez02 by Reyniki  Rikio Colour by Reyniki You have one month. Offer what you can complete in that time.
I am in team coffee!
I don't even like coffee X'D

Took a while to put my characters up there
-laughs at my 4 characters while everyone else has 10,000 characters-

Now how does one find characters to attack
My parents gave me a couple of ecocubes as a Christmas present last year because they knew how much I love seeing flowers grow from seeds. However, one of the plants that was tagged as "wild roses" are taking a while to grow any flowers. It's been around 7 months. My parents and I are starting to think that we were lied to because the leaves of the so called "flowers" look nothing like wild rose leaves.

20180703 132618 by Reyniki 20180703 170321 by Reyniki

Can anyone tell us what plant we have instead? :'D Reverse image searching on Google is not very helpful haha.

079 Golden Currents by Arukanoda [REF] Idris by Reyniki

Closing early 'cause I think I'm pretty full on commissions right now. Thank you guys so much for the support throughout these two months!



You MUST have a VISUAL DIGITAL reference
  •  Traditional references must have the pallet and clearly state which colour is what or I will not accept the commission.
- I will only make minor edits to the final product if I missed something 
  • Minor edits include: small accessories, small markings/colour errors, some small anatomy errors etc.
  • Major edits include: pose change, character design change, character change, BG change etc. 
- PLEASE DO NOT RUSH ME, I remember everything I owe. If I am slow (as in, it's taking me 2+ months to get to it) , feel free to poke me! Nicely.
- I don't do deadlines unless it's a birthday gift for a friend. Then we can talk 'cause that's really nice. In any other case, I will work at my own pace.

- I do not do commissions in order. I will TRY to, but don't count on it.

- Please send payment upfront (If you are uncomfortable with this, send me a note and we'll talk about it)
- Points and Paypal are accepted!
- Payement is in USD

- I have the right to raise the price of your commission before payment if I feel that your character is complicated. We can negotiate on that price.
- I have the right to decline your commission if I don't feel comfortable with it, I don't have to tell you why
- I do not give discounts for commission if you own a certain Closed Species

- I do not do "Packages" for ARPGs here. Please view this journal for WoR packages: [WoR] Purity Trial/Training/ICQ Comms 

- I will not "resell" the commission for additional profit (unless permitted by the commissioner)
- As the artist, I have the right to use all commissions I've drawn as a portfolio piece to present to potential employers, commissioners etc.
- As the commissioner, you are allowed to use the art piece for personal uses only
  • You may not sell the art piece
    • Unless you are selling the character featured in the piece, then the commission's price may be added to the character's price
    • I may consider doing art for commercial uses (games especially) but a special price would have to be negotiated and proof of your project being a real thing must be provided. 
  • You may not claim that you drew it
- Please do not modify the artwork unless you've received permission from me
- Please do not remove my watermark on your commission
- The commissioner may re-post the art on any website WITH CREDIT AND A LINK TO MY PAGE OR THE ORIGINAL PIECE

- If you wish to see the sketch, please request it in your form or I will just complete it
- You may only bulk commission me 3 commissions PER comment. If you want to commission more, post a new comment.


I can draw:
  • Animals
  • Creatures
  • Wings
  • Nature backgrounds
  • Humanoids 
    • I am more specialized in males but can try females

  • "Light" gore
    • Just look at my art examples to see what I'm comfortable with. Basically, I won't draw any organs or bones showing outside of places they should be but I don't mind drawing deep cuts and lots of blood.

I can draw but am not comfortable with:
  • Anthros
  • Weapons
  • Fat characters
  • Old characters
  • Kids/babies (just order a chibi)
I cannot draw:
  • Buildings, man-made structures
  • Machinery/robotic/mechanical stuff
  • NO R-18 stuff (sex, nudity, extreme gore etc.)


Reysketch Mini Pics [ $15 - $25 | 1500 points - 2500 points ]

Usually offered in the form of ARPG commissions. If you don't have a Reosean, you must buy from here if you want a Reysketch Doodle.
Extra character = $8 to $13
All of these artworks will be posted on ReySketch
Backgrounds are a mandatory inclusion in these commissions.
You may request me to draw a forest, winter, or desert background or any other nature like background. Background fee is already added into the price tag. 

[WoR] Battle Birds by ReySketch [WoR] The Beginning of an Adventure by ReySketch [WoR] Where's the Treasure? by ReySketch [WoR] Mobile Fan by ReySketch  [COMM] Strength of the Tides by ReySketch
 [WoR] The Golden Princess by ReySketch  [COMM] Fatal Strike by ReySketch  [COMM] Forest Fighters by ReySketch [COMM] Hop and a Skip Away by ReySketch

Cheebs [ $25 - $35 | 2500 points - 3500 points ]

Extra character +50% of the base price (Maximum 2 characters)
Hot Boi by Reyniki Feed the Flame by Reyniki Waiting for the Egg- Or Not by Reyniki [C] HISS by Reyniki

Halfbody [ $50 - $60 | 5000 points - 6000 points ]

Extra character +50% of the base price (Maximum 2 characters)
Complex backgrounds are not available at the moment

Wild Fire by Reyniki Raw Firepower by Reyniki Azik by Reyniki [C] Clear by Reyniki 
[C] Lucian by Reyniki  Hot Stuff by Reyniki  [C] Look How Far You've Fallen by Reyniki [C] Anything For Power by Reyniki

Fullbody [ $65- $80 | 6500 points - 8000 points ] 

Extra character +50% of the base price (Maximum 2 characters)
Complex backgrounds are not available at the moment

[Redraw] Falling for You by Reyniki  Test Subject by Reyniki Fallen by Reyniki Chaotic Fishing Trip by Reyniki
[C] Come to the Dark Side by Reyniki [WoR] Chase the Bunbun by Reyniki You're Entering the Danger Zone by Reyniki [COMM] Just Chillin' by Reyniki


Interested in commissioning me? Feel free to comment below this form filled out, please remove my explanations in the brackets:

Commission Type
Character: (Visual digital, full body reference only)
Personality summary: (2-3 sentence limit)
Any Ideas?: (Poses, expressions etc.)
Payment: (USD or points?)
Would you like to see the sketch?: (Yes/No)
Anything Else I Should be Aware of?:

I will feature commission forms to let you know I see them but if I don't reply instantly, don't worry.
It's just me trying to figure out a price that I think is fair.
I'll be back in Canada on the 20th (probably going to crash for the night and will be more functional on the 21st since jet lag is a thing).

But other than that, I just wanted to make this journal to announce after a long long time, I'm going to try my hand at offering commissions again. My parents want me to get a job for reals this time since I have like 2-3 months of no school and they want me to do more than sit on my butt, playing games all day. I still want to stay as "anti-social" as possible and want to try to see if DA commissions will suffice as a job.

My dad says that if I can do up to 6 hours of commission work every weekday, it would count!
So he's giving me two weeks to prove myself and I hope I don't have to go out to get a retail job or something haha 8'D

ARPG commissions and regular commissions will open up when I get back to Canada,
but in the mean time, I wanna ask what you guys want to see me offering.
Do you want to buy little things or big things from me?
Chibis, headshots, half-body, full-body etc.
Or maybe you're just gonna wait to see the prices before considering? XD

All ARPG commissions will be the same as before but maybe with a biiiiit of a price raise
[WoR-Sale] PT/Training Images Comms -CLOSED-UPDATE: Got enough for now, thank you! <3

Want to commission a different style or have a character that isn't an ARPG character you want me to draw?
Or have an ARPG character you want me to draw but you want me to draw them doing something else other than the activity image prompts?
Go here: (2018) Normal Commissions
Terms and conditions are there too. Please consider reading through that.

These prices are for ONE image

I'll be heading to China to visit some family members for a month so if my activity gets sparse, this is why lol.

I don't think DA can be accessed in China because of the whole firewall thing but I did install an app on my phone and laptop that would supposedly get me past that firewall. Hopefully it'll work and I can still post stuff while I'm in China but if not, well, I guess you guys should expect an art dump when I'm finally back 'cause I'll still be drawing =P

Anyway, hope you guys are doing well! <3
Who wants to draw a smexy centaur for some money/points/ARPG stuff? XD

[REF] Ragnar Garren (Centaur) -NON CANON- by Reyniki

I can offer ARPG stuff here:
[WoR] Slot Sales (Ahkal, VR tail, Duve, Fil etc.)All slots are $10 or LESS
 Geno Sales | Import Sales


- You may trade, resell, or gift these slots
- I do not give refunds
- I will not do deals through notes as my notes are extremely messy. Comment below to claim so I can keep track of everything
- You have 2 weeks to complete 1 image
I will not answer questions that have already been answered here
"The slots say 4/5 slots open, does that mean 4 slots have been used and there is only one slot left?"
No. In this example, there are 5 slots in TOTAL.
4 slots are OPEN (aka, available to be purchased).
They have 1 slot USED. You may not purchase 5 slots to this vayron because this vayron only has 4 slots O
  [WoR] Item Sale (glint pot, vaybelline, HH)Feel free to check my bank to verify my item ownership here
Click the image of the items to see what they do! <3
Please show examples of your art in order to purchase the CP option.


These items can be applied to a hunt, quest or breeding (depending on the item) to give a temporary effect.
Click on the images to learn what they do!

($15/1500 points) OR 3 quests
Available: x3 

These items are placed in your bank and permanently boosts your chances in an activity. 
Click on the images to learn what they do!

Available: NONE
These items can be applied directly onto y
  [WoR SALE] Genos (Glint, Tabby, Duve)($5 - $20)CP options accepted too
Slot Sales | Import Sales

Rarity Legend

common | uncommon | rare | very rare
Genos with modifiers are marked with **
Enzio 6129 x Kidagakash 4043

2) (Female - Vayron - Runner - Healthy)New *
F: Friese Coat
T: Bear Ears, Short Tuft Tail, Round Eyes
P: Veined Gingerbread
G: GnB+nVe
$10/1000 points OR two hunts/quests
3) (Female


[15/35 Available]
Bronze Eagle/ Bronze Canine
$10/20 CP -OPEN-

[5/5 Available]
Gold Eagle/ Silver Feline
$15/30 CP -OPEN-

[18/25 Available]
Bronze Eagle/ Bronze Feline
$10/20 CP -OPEN-

[6/15 Available]
Gold Corvid/ Bronze Feline
Beard, Overcast, Ringed
$15 -OPEN-
  [EoP] Geno sales!(Rosettes/gilded)($5-$10)All genos are now $5-$10!
All art must be done in 2 months
I accept points
$1=100 points
Rezikan 0083 x Tora 0059
1) (Female - Standard) 
Coat: Bronze Eagle / Bronze Canine 
P: Trail, Beard
G: Bnz//Bnz+Tr/Be

$5/1 WoR Hunting or Questing image

2) (Female - Standard) 
Coat: Bronze Eagle / Bronze Canine 
P: Overcast, Trim, Beard, Ringed, Tiger
G: Bnz//Bnz+Ovr/Tm/Be/Rng/Tg

2 WoR Hunting or Questing image

Rezikan 0083 x Tora 0059

Or just some old fashion cash and/or points ovo
I only have 2201 points so if you want more than that you're gonna have to accept a mix of cash too
I'm mainly looking for fullbody art~
UPDATE: got distracted by youtube videos sorry XD

Scarfox :D by Reyniki Scarfox #9 by ScarfoxChronicles

Since I can't see myself every using this scarfox or trading her away for any design/art, I'm gonna trade her away for Hearthstone card packs.

What are those, you may ask?
They are cards that you can buy to enhance your experience in the game Hearthstone! This card game is very much a pay to win (and some may argue "pay to have fun") so I really want some more cards to help me trump my opponents better. Packs come from a variety of expansions and each expansion has their unique set of cards. And then there are classic cards, that aren't part of an expansion but are part of the core game:…

If you wish to buy these card packs for me, I would like some cards from the newest expansion coming mid-April and some classic cards.
This is how I would like you to purchase the cards for me so I get the most cards out of this scarfox's value:

Scarfox value: $200~
Card Pack Money Allocation: 60 packs + 60 packs + 15 packs = $200.97
This would give me a total of 135 card packs


Please, please, please, don't go buying a bunch of 2 packs because I would lose so many card packs ;;

If you wish to get this scarfox by buying card packs for me, comment/note me.
If you don't know where to buy the card packs, I will link you to the pages, don't worry.
I will tell you my account tag when this sale opens so you can gift the cards!
I have a handful of points that I'm too lazy to convert to money
Just put your prices here and I'll see if I can afford it XP

Mainly looking for art of these guys
[REF] Arias Valenoire by Reyniki [REF] Xenox Xedin by Reyniki 

Rikio too if you don't want to draw humanoids
Rikio Colour by ReynikiRikio Greyscale Reference by Reyniki

These are the only three characters with clear enough references that I want art of X'D