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Follow my Lead! by Reyniki Follow my Lead! by Reyniki
Part two:
Fallen by Reyniki

"See? Easy peesy!" Kasagio said from the other side of the gap. He turned around and noticed that Arias was sitting down, staring at the edge of the cliff with a look of fear in his eyes. Kasagio put his hands on his waist and tilted his head, "what's wrong? We always take this path to the Market. Don't tell me you're suddenly afraid of heights."

"I am not!" Arias said, looking up at Kasagio with a mild annoyance. The white angel shifted in his spot, moving further away from the edge. There was something odd about him. Arias stood up, taking a couple steps back, "I just... can't we take another route to the Market? I'm sure there's like a path down the cliff that we can take that doesn't require us to cross this gap..."

Kasagio stared at his friend for a long time in silence, then broke out laughing. "You're afraid of heights! The second best student in the entire academy, slayer of the corrupted God, afraid of HEIGHTS?!"

Arias's face flushed red, "Well if you're going that way then I'll go my way." He turned around and began to march off back into the forest.

"Dude, dude, I'm sorry," Kasagio held his hands up in apology, a few chuckles still escaping from his lips, "but you have to make this gap. The show starts in a few minutes and if we are to make it in time so that the others won't make fun of us, we can't take the long way around. Here," He bent his knees a bit and beckoned Arias to come over, "I'll catch you if you fall! Think of it like a trust activity! You trust me, right?"

Arias looked at the edge of the cliff then at his friend on the other side. He looked at the forest behind him and took in a deep breath, "fine, but if you drop me, I will murder you in your sleep."

Kasagio just smiled, "fair enough. Now come on! A princess gotta be on time!"


Testing out a new background style, or just a really detailed style of my Reysketch backgrounds.
Mainly because my brush tool isn't working the way I want to and I'm lazy to reset it back to its default mode.
More Kasagio! I quite like this guy. Can't wait to share more about him~

Characters and art (c) Me
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KirasDarkLight Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
You're wings have gotten SO much better from the first time you drew Arias. Really improved the detail and anatomy which is great to see. <3

Really cute story. ^3^
PalieFox Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2017  Student Digital Artist
i love how you wrote the description as well!!
Reyniki Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! 8D I'm glad it was a good read >v<
PalieFox Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Yea! :D
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