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2016 Summary of Art by Reyniki 2016 Summary of Art by Reyniki
Here's a quick summary of what I did this year lol

January and February is still when I was really into Tokotas but I feel like featuring my dragon art here more since it feels more personal o3o

March and April is when I kinda abandoned this account and started drawing super fast styled tokota art on my ARPG account. Not a great time for me now that I looked back on it. Not a bad style but I think I was pretty stressed with all the tokota stuff haha.

May is when I did my first room drawing for my school project which made me really proud 8D

June... I didn't do a lot of art in June? I did one I think but it's not good enough to put on here so... blank rectangle haha XD

July is when I started to do more personal work and wolf art on my main account to get attention o3o

August = Ship art and I grew out of tokotas I believe.

September is when I introduced Xenox to my collection of "made by me" OCs and he made a huge impact on my story. He helped me explain Alvis's rude personality in a slightly more understandable way. He changed Alvis's OWN personality completely. Xenox led me to create Arias and make changes to Alvis and Angel's relationship. Xenox and Arias are now the only canon relationship in my collection~ Why? That's a secret for another day Cx

So yeah, Xenox is a big shifter in history.

November and December is when I started drawing Arias and Xenox together a lot XD They are a more fleshed out couple than Alvis and Angel ever was =P

To me, 2016 was alright, minus the stress I'm feeling in the last week of December haha
Art (c) Me
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ON WARDS TO A NEW YEAR! :iconsuperw00tplz:
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