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Becoming Persephone

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Published: July 19, 2012
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It's a little hard to tell, but that's pink hair, and therefore it's Haruno Sakura, with as heavy a dose of realism as I could administer. Inspired by Angelhearted's wonderful fanfiction Quietus; a pretty loose translation...Sasuke got raptors, so Sakura gets doves. I'm nuts about birds. Check out Sasuke as Hades here:


Why is she holding the pomegranate like that? For me Persephone's tale symbolizes transition from a girl to a woman. The "blood" can represent menstruation, lost innocence, sacrifice, you name it. In that vein I'd rather have done a darker background, but the pink and green said no ><

Now, time to take a break x.x
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This is such a beautiful drawing I love the moisture of it
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This is one of the most GORGEOUS pictures ever. 

Everything from the luxurious hair, to the enticing, expressive eyes & the well formed face is pure brilliant.

I love this & it literally spells............................... beautiful.
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kaloobiaLHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful! :)
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NehanNoNijiHobbyist General Artist
WOW! :iconbravoplz:
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YuffieAiharaHobbyist Artist
and not to mention that is the fruit she's supposed to eat to stay in the underworld XD fits perfect
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Eternal-Apple-LoverHobbyist Writer
WOW! It is very beautiful! Sakura looks amazing.
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Absolutely stunning! I love it!
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tanya3286Professional Writer
[link] - journal feature! :love:
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Thanks very much for the feature! I checked out some of the other stuff too.
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tanya3286Professional Writer
:la: It was my pleasure! <33

Aaaah, u did? It gladdens my heart :iconimhappyplz:
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:wow: That's so pretty! You're so good! Really great! :D
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Love the fruit and flowers in the hair. I never get over how amazeing an artist you are.
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Thank you! Btw I did get your message on fanfiction; I'll pm you there
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ZebrapluschiHobbyist General Artist
amazing picture!
and the birds are great!
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solublepopHobbyist General Artist
Very pretty...I love the eyes and mouth.
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absolutely beautiful!!
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She is absolutely DIVINE! I cannot believe how quickly you were able to complete this! This is so so so so so so so SO SO (you get the idea) BEAUTIFUL!


I don't know where to begin. You had me gawking speechlessly at the screen once again when I first saw this. The way it is painted, the lovely merge of colours, the accurate anatomy, the clothing and fine details... everything adds up to create a stunning masterpiece. Sakura's face is gorgeous. You've made her look so soft and delicate, and the wonderfully painted doves really complement her fragility, as do the flowers. I adore the way you've drawn them, they match her eyes and hair (and that pretty background) perfectly. And speaking of her eyes, they are absolutely CAPTIVATING. Very soulful, innocent yet alluring at the same time. It's like you've captured them through Sasuke's point of view, because to him they are her most striking feature (along with that fabulous hair, of course), and they definitely stand out as the central point in her beautiful face. But her nose is also adorable, and her lips are very well painted. You've given them plumpness and volume, and they enhance her beauty.

I just LOVE how her lips are the same shade as the pomegranate seeds. Wonderful symbolism with that fruit, too. The way she's clutching onto her wrist, it's almost as though she wants to stem the 'bleeding', which can be taken as her initial resistance to Sasuke and everything he will inevitably come to offer her, but at the same time she is clutching the pomegranate close to her, which also reflects her inner struggle, confusion and the part of her that desires Sasuke. Because we all know deep down she does want him, and is drawn to everything he represents. It's just a matter of time until she realises and acknowledges it.


Your use of symbolism is just lovely, and I'm in total awe of the overall feel that radiates from this piece. It's almost like Sakura's mother has placed the flowers in her hair, dressed her in white so that she is the perfect picture of the virginal maiden, but the pomegranate is an irremovable stain upon that image, and represents the transition to womanhood, the death of the innocent girl. Tsunade does represent stability and guardianship to the point of oppression in Quietus, whereas Sasuke is liberation, wild and unpredictable. Tsunade wants Sakura to remain a girl, protected forever under her watch, while Sasuke entices her with the pleasures that being a woman bring and draws her into a world of sensuality. Sakura's expression and body language really work with the symbolism and title of this picture, too. She looks sad, but at the same time, the way she is almost proudly and regally looking down at the viewer is a glimpse of the Queen it is her fate to become, and the strength that lies still dormant within her.

It's all so wonderful, and I can't get my head around how outrageously talented you are. You've inspired me greatly, and I feel so very honoured once again that someone with so much talent would dedicate precious time towards my story. Thank you SO MUCH. Words cannot express how much I love this piece, just like the other one of Sasuke. They both look amazing. The contrast between their characters has been flawlessly captured. You've represented them as I had them in my mind, and I cannot express my gratitude and admiration enough! I will treasure both portraits, and look eagerly look forward to any artwork you choose to create in future. You have a style of painting that is very pleasing to the eye, and a wonderful eye for details. Please don't ever stop painting, you're simply remarkable at it.

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Thank you again for the in-depth analysis, and taking the time to tell each story behind the critique. I especially like the idea that it's Sasuke's POV. The conflicts in the process of becoming Queen of the underworld are exactly what I wanted to capture...and of course you mentioned fighting the temptations Sasuke offers ;) I'm glad I did both of them for Quietus. Sakura had been fighting me for a while, but I knew exactly what to do after Sasuke was finished. And I think my technique is finally improving :D

About more paintings, I'm finally planning to finish some non-Naruto WIPs, but before that, I'm working on a non-fanfic related piece for the Commitment prompt of SasuSaku Month. I HAVE to put them in the same picture now lol. My post-August schedule looks pretty bleak, but I'll never stop painting and trying to improve. It's required for breathing and existing :D Thank you again for writing and watching! (Also, if the Queen of Shades shows up in around 20 more chapters I might make the time to do another Quietus painting hahah)
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Butterfly-ChuHobbyist Writer
I can't wait to see them in the same picture! I've been debating whether to contribute for SasuSaku month, too, but I don't do too well with prompts.

Whatever else you decide to upload, regardless of fandom, I'll be watching! Your art is a pleasure to look upon. And regarding Queen Persephone, yes, it probably will take that long for her to show up at this rate, haha! Me and my waffling chapters!


Thank you again for both contributions, they've really helped inspire me to finish the latest chapter faster.
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O__O Longest comment...ever...
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This is extraordinary! I love the doves and all the little details in this :D
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