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Sloth Mechanic

By Reymonkey
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I've had this thing about sloths for a while now. Especially two-toed sloths. There's just something about the cute face and the utterly bizarre everything else.
He may not work fast, but he'll work it out eventually.

pigma micron, prismacolor pencils, hand cramps.
Original sold, sorry!
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"He may not work fast, but he'll work it out eventually." Brilliant! XD I don't think any sane person would hire a sloth mechanic, unless he's on a post where time isn't really a factor, lol. Great job coloring, the scenery is well drawn and the coloring gives that metal look. I like the texture and variation on the sloth's fur too. Nice work! :clap:
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;) Maybe he's an innovative enough mechanic to be worth the wait? I just really wanted to draw a sloth and I liked the idea of him hanging from the pipes...
Thank you! I think the background has some perspective issues, but I'm proud of the coloring.
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Innovation is definitely worth the wait! Perspective issues? I don't see them. And you should be proud of the coloring, it's very good. I still can't seem to work my pencils for backgrounds, lol.
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Well thank you! The gear on the bottom right is just sort of floating around hanging out, and the big ones on the left I'm not too sure about the angle of.
Coloring in the background solid brown was really the ugliest part.
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Just a question. What do you color first? The background, the character, or do you just work side to side or top to bottom or something? Just curious. :)
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I almost invariably color the character first, while every art teacher I've ever had drones in my mind telling me I'm doing it wrong and backwards.
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That's interesting. I don't do many traditional backgrounds, but I find myself coloring characters first as well. However, I've also found that doing the background first and saving the character for last makes me more energized to finish a picture. Having an art teacher telling a student that they're doing something wrong or backwards? That is really just wrong... shouldn't an art teacher be encouraging? o.O
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I've had encouraging art teachers too, but the traditional method is to do the background first, and there's a lot of good reasons for that. I'm just always anxious to color the central focus of the picture.
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Gah! That's why my car's been in the shop for so long!

Lol :lol:, I jest. This is actually a really cool piece. I love all the detail! Great work!
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You have a steampunk car!?? I'd love to see it if the engine looks like that inside. ;D

Thanks! I think it's one of my better works.
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This is.. ridiculously cute. xD I love it! Sloths need more love. They also make great mechanics. :)
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I like the animals that you don't see in art much, I guess. I like aardvarks and sloths and strange things.
I bet he doesn't have a whole lot of manual dexterity, actually...
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What an awesome concept! Sloth mechanics for the win!
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Heheh, I'm trying to do more steampunk anthros, and I just happen to really like sloths.
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That's a selective topic. XD I like mechanics for some reason, though. We'll see. The steampunk anthros do seem to be popular. You saw the steampunk jackrabbit, right?
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Not only is this an awesome concept, but the execution is breathtaking!
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Thank you! It's got perspective issues, but I'm happy with it overall!
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Woah! Awesome! You don't see that many sloth-characters around, do you?
Some minor quibbles with perspective on some of the pipe-work, but nothing that detracts from the whole, really.
An overall very nice piece and instanst :+fav: in my book.
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I drew the sloth first, then the pipes and gears, and it's belatedly occurred to me some of those gears are really off. :P I shouldn't draw things backwards that way.
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This seriously rocks. <3 I love the concept. This sloth has so much personality and culture. Great work on all of the mechanical elements as well as the folds of clothing, the pose, and well... Everything! :D Looks awesome. I particularly like the screwdriver in his mouth.
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Thanks! The screwdriver was basically an excuse to show off the little fangs, which I'm not sure why they have, since they eat leaves.
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