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Sketchpage gone mad Oracle

By Reymonkey
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Another sketchpage gone mad, because they're fun to do and these bird characters seem to inspire it. Oracle goes with Maggie and the Wandering King, and all are Labyrinth fan characters in an obscure way that I may someday get around to drawing out. Oracle is a white raven and a prophet, aaand that's why someone caught him and used for haruspicy. That's divination by entrails. Obviously he survived, enough to shove it all back in and stitch himself up in fact. This is probably the most gruesome character idea I've ever come up with. :P
The incident hasn't dulled his prophetic abilities any, but it has left him twitchier than ever and on a liquid diet. Really, the worst part of the whole experience was knowing it was coming and still not being able to stop it. It can really suck to see the future.

That's the Wandering King with him in the top and bottom left, and Maggie in the top right.

Watercolor pencil and my own demented brain.
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Oh! These characters are really interesting, and would fit well in the labyrinth universe. Really interesting bit of back info, I'm curious to learn more.
haruspicy? eek! I've never heard of that before I read your description.
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Thanks! I guess the whole bird people thing partly grew out of Jareth as an owl. I have fancomic ideas, but they're so complicated it might take me a while to draw them out.

I'm just a font of wierd information that way? I've never been clear on how exactly you're supposed to tell the future from a gutted animal, but I guess it makes about as much sense as any form of divination.