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Commission Lady Mara Hornraven



This was a commission for a friend, his original character for a D&D style game, a Paladin of the goddess Sune. He asked for a picture of her in downtime at a bar, as apparently normally she's ready to kick ass and take names.
Done with copious amounts of photo reference, which is part of what makes him so awesome to do commissions for. First big picture with the prismacolor inking pens, which seem to dry immediately with no smear, unlike the micron pigma pens I've sworn by for a couple years now. Unfortunately my .01 is borked so this was done mostly in .005
Prismacolor markers and colored pencil, no photoshop editing. It's going to be framed, thus was done with the awareness that the edges may get cropped some by a matboard.
Character is copyright :iconmephron:, Sune is copyright some game company or another.
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I DID forget that, didn't I? She's Lade Mara Hornraven, Knight of the Ruby Rose, Paladin of Sune (not priestess).

And I really do like it. :)