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Broadway's Hell

By Reymonkey
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Entry for the MGC Feb. 2009
I wasn't going to do an entry, I don't even watch Reality TV! But I keep seeing parodies and stuff of Gordon Ramsay and in the last week of the month inspiration slapped me upside the head. I don't think Broadway would like being on Hell's Kitchen. I'm not even sure what he's getting yelled at for, but he's not happy about it. This was drawn in a single evening, and colored in one day, so it's not the best job I've ever done, but it was last minute.
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Why I didn't see this drawing before!

Ramsay's head rolling down in 3...2...1...
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Beats me! I think Angela is there to stop Broadway from outright killing him...
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after the Kitchet nightmares marathon my dad's been watching, this made my day beyond belief :heart:
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Would you believe I've actually never watched much of it?
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it all seems the same after a while but it has its moments
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This is too amusing! I love it! :D
NecroDemonLord's avatar
This is hilarious!!!!! XD
NXUforever's avatar
:rofl: I never thought I would see the day that I would see this combination!
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...I was inspired? XD
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Gordon Ramsay and Gargoyoles. I never thought I'd see this combination.
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All brought to you by a contest challenge. I wouldn't have thought of it otherwise.
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Gordon shouldn't have messed with Broadway.
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Wow, while I like Ramsay, and I think he's hilarious, I gotta admit, I think he made one hell of a big mistake. Quick, Angie, pry your man away before he rips the chef's head off! :sprint:
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I keep getting comments from people who hate him, or maybe he's one of those people you love to hate? I still haven't seen the show so I'm mystified. But yeah, Angie probably needs to intervene here...
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I would pay money for someone to smack Ramsey upside the head. As much as I respect him (being in the culinary business myself) no deserves to abused the way he does it. I'm rooting for Broadway.
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See I've never actually watched the show, I just see parodies of him everywhere. Usually with a lot of beeps to make it okay on public TV...

Can you imagine what a smack upside the head from Broadway would be like, though? ;) Just think about that the next time you see him.
cherryhobbit's avatar
A smack from broadway would probably either knock him out cold or take his head off. So now everytime I see him I'm going to laugh XD

Well then you aren't missing much, that's pretty much all the show is. :no:
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I had a friend on LJ, where I posted to show off my art, make a pretty similar comment about Ramsay. I guess the hate's pretty widespread.
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Very nice!! You get bonus point for drawing everything and not resorting to screenshots like I did. Really well done!
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