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I See Through You

"I See Through You"

Photograph: Reylia Slaby 
Model: Megumi I.

This piece is quite different from my regular ones. I explored a bit with this one. I wanted it to be up close and personal. 

This picture is about being honest when you are hurt. 

I'll be writing up a blog post about the process, how I feel about this picture, and the meaning behind it. Until then~~


Reylia Slaby 

©Reylia Slaby.
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Very nice.  I really like this picture!  I think that it is very visually interesting.  Excellent composition.  :D
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wow this get my pausing for a while 
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Very beautiful, powerful picture. I actually had it open in my browser for a while, because I kept on looking at it without knowing what to say. But it does deserve something to be said. I love the concept behind the transparent umbrella. Might protect her, but not completely, because we can still see that she is broken. The scarlet red is a beautiful pick of colour. It's vibrant and woundy. The fact that the umbrella hides her eyes, and the flow of the image, concentrated on the"heart". The whole feel of this picture is strongly thought provoking. This needs to be shared and seen. Congratulations :)
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Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! I truly appreciate it! 
Would it be OK if I put your comment in a blog post for this picture? :love: please let me know!
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no problem dear =] the pleasure is all mine
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This is so amazing! I really love this style and composition! Congratulations! Love
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Thanks ^_^ very much appreciated!
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I absolutely adore the concept- and the colors and the warm, vintage-y look to it are amazing.<3
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Thanks always!!! :love:
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This is an excellent piece of conceptual photography.
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