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Outside the Box

Find me on: FACEBOOK SHADOWNESS long since I've uploaded anything here but...
Here it is, new work...a lot of stocks, and a LOT of layers, but, look at it for a while and you'll realize that every element is there for a reason ;)

Check it out in full view please! :D
Hope you like it! :w00t:
Enjoy, and stay outside of the box ;)

Stocks used:
Field: [link] by ~Visualjenna-Stock
Sky: [link] by ~night-fate-stock
Waterfalls: [link] by ~andrakis75
[link] by ~phatpuppy
[link] by ~senzostock
Water: [link] by ~nighty-stock
Swing: [link] by `Shoofly-Stock
Wall: [link] ~ashzstock
Door: [link] by ~MirandaRose-Stock
Mask: [link] by *EveLivesey
Sign post: [link] ~discordiA-stock
Traffic light: [link] =WDWParksGal-Stock
Kite: [link] by ~syrenichol
Fish: [link] by ~phantompanther-stock
Splash: [link] by ~two-ladies-stocks
Gramophone: [link] by ~maladie-stock
Clock: [link] by ~Irie-Stock
Light bulb: [link] by ~VVolny
Flowers: [link] by *Eirian-stock
Lillypad: [link] by =steppeland
Key: [link] by ~chop-stock
Frame: [link] by =Anomalies13
Dirt: [link] by ~night-fate-stock
Cardboard texture (for the box): [link] by ~carlbert
Man in suit: [link] by ~rhyfelwr-stock
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
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That is very. . . Creative. No, yes, creative is definitely a word for it. I'm not sure exactly what all this is supposed to be, or point to. Is there a meaning for this? Why did you make this? What was your inspiration? It certainly is OUTSIDE the box, everything is so. . . Random! Perhaps random isn't exactly a good word, as you most likely did think about where to put each and every thing. Personally I find it all a little cluttered, but magical at the same time. Something along the lines of. . . Oh, I don't know. . . But it's so. . . Interesting. Like, an alternative world where everything is there and yet not. Where the unreal becomes real. Imagination behold! Seems like the sort of place a child would reside in their own mind. I like it!
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haha yes!
Or ...sey! :w00t:
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yeas is there a meaning?? i really would like to know it..... seems interesting!
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It's to always stay "outside the box", think differently, not to be limited by the boundaries created by society or our own mind :D
this awome, this is a favorite between my favorites
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Thank you! 
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damn!! Thanks awesome!! 
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that's cool ..great art !
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Thanks a lot, glad you like it :thanks:
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The colors, The Idee, The light, The deatls - Perfect!
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hope you eill love my works! [link]
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Faetured here [link] - hope that's ok?
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Hey dude, your work is featured here: [link] :)
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Beautiful composition!
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Thanks a lot :w00t:
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Wow it's in incredible variety and number of details! Love it :clap:
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