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look @ this shitty-ass gallery lmao


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United Kingdom
Wow okay hello
I'm Rey and I'm a learning artist!

I'm based in England, and I go to college at the minute. I do requests, and I'm dreaming of opening commissions and opening a stall in artist alley at MCM London Expo in the future!

Feel free to check out my Tumblr, and follow me there too!

ALSO im on twitch go follow me @

edit: rip i meant to say i stole this from SchrodingersKit 

1. Choose one of your OC's.
2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.
3. Journal title should be "OC Interview".
4. When you’re done, tag as many people as you wish.
5. Have fun!

welp guess im gonna use orion bc WHY NOT

Orion Again by reyalty

1. Hi! What's your real name and nickname?

[O] Hey! My name's Orion and I don't have a nickname! Unless your name is Laira, in which case my nickname is Greendick McGee.

2. Cool! What's your current age?

[O] 25!

3. Kay, what's your favorite food?

[O] Oooooh, I do love me some lovely nice newly baked tiger bread!!

4. Favorite drink?

[O] Call me basic but waters just 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

5. Confession time! Anybody you have your eye on?

[O] I'm married fam

Winter Cinnamon Buns by reyalty

6. oh.. I'm sorry...but uh have you twooooooooo?

[O] We have a kid fam

Celeste by reyalty

7. Who's your favorite author?

[O] Oooh I don't know, I don't read that much! O:

8. Biggest fears?

[O] Fire.

9. Any siblings?

[O] Unless you count Sierra, none! I'm an only child.

Sierra by reyalty

10. Almost done, it's only 20 questions. Who's your hero?

[O] My hero? Sierra! She's been with me my entire life, through good times and uh. And the bad. The very, very bad...

11. Okay, who's your worst enemy?

[O] Y'know, ask me that 9 years ago and I'd say humanity. But I guess now just Laira. Love her though, she's just a fuckin' cunt.

Laira with a DRINK this time by reyalty

12. Huh, alright. Who's your best friend?

[O] Can you guess? If you guessed Sierra then DING we have a winner!

13. Interesting... What would you do if you met your creator?

[O] Creator? I mean. I know we have Gods and stuff, but uh. I don't really get the question.

14. Okay, I'll contact them now. Done! Now, what's your worst memory?

[O] Uh. I- okay? My worst memory is a very touchy subject? Like. Uh. I kind of watched my parents burn alive. So. Uh...

15. What's your worst nightmare?

[O] See above.

16. What's your lifelong dream?

[O] I've always wanted to be an elder to my village, but. Y'know. It was burnt to the ground about a decade ago.

17. What would happen if your lifelong dream came true?

[O] I'd probably be asleep dreaming, or dead in my own personal heaven. I dunno.

18. Okay, where's your favorite place to relax?

[O] In bed. Preferably with Kanra!

19. Last question! What do you spend most of your time doing?

[O] Keeping Laira out of trouble and taking care of Celeste. Anyway, what'dya mean last question? I thought this was 20 questions?

20. We're done! Now tag whoever you want. DO IT.

[O] Uh. Do I have to?


simple sketch of a character   
+5:points: for each extra character
Lined sketch
sketch thats been lined to look nicer
+5:points: for each extra character
Flat Colour
coloured lineart with no shading
+5:points: for each extra character
Shaded Colour
coloured lineart with shading
+5:points: for each extra character, or for especially intricate designs


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