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Vacationing in Madeira was very relaxing. I found energy to start painting again. I was inspired to refresh my knowledge about colours and read a book about colours during the vacationing time. I read 'Color' by Betty Edwards. It was very good and I got much better at blending colors.  
embedded_item1546190072278 by reya-desu
~40 minute watercolor sketch.  
embedded_item1436908358221 by reya-desu

We are finally giving our website,  some love this year :) New new year promise is to try to update the blog more often now. I still feel it’s a new year although it’s already 2 months into the year. I still write 2014 instead of 2015 ^_^;

So, let’s talk about the new look and feel for the website. This time we wen’t for a responsive design. Smart phones are so common it’s not possible to ignore. So, we’ve chosen a design that will work for both desktop, tablet and mobile. And I had some fun trying to make some photo manipulation to showcase the change. Totally useless stuff, but meditative to just move some pixels and loose myself in it without too much thinking. Head over to the website to take a look :)


Way back in like 2007 or '08 we did a bunch of interviews with some comic book creaters and it was some great material so we decided to make some new more, but it was extremaly hard to transcribe them on the software we had so it's been painfully slow work and therefore unmotivating. Last week I started to look into mobile phone apps for transcription instead of computer software and I found some lovely ones. This morning I tried it for the first time and I think I have a winner!
Hopefully I'll get some headway now so the project can move forward. 😁😅
We have both wanted a way to easily update from our phone and today we found out they finally made an app!

We will probably test it a bit, but hopefully this will make us more active here. 😊
So Neko and I have decided it's time for a new July Gold, that's our the title of the book we use for when we decide to publish work we've done as a type of one shot compilation. We have a table for this years UppCon, so our hope is to have it ready for selling, there.
It's going to be interesting to see what the finished book will look like. Last time we made one (vol. 1) was years ago and I found our archive example the other day. Funny how I remember it as being bigger and better then it was... -_-'

Anyone out there that has our previous July Gold, should probably be careful with it as we only made a very limited number and we will never make them again. :D

Also, we have an add for ReYa in Wasabi Press's Manga competition book that will be given away for free, as we are one of the sponsors. <-- so proud.
There are only limited number of the books coming out, so keep an eye out for them on (only in swedish, sorry) to see where they will be handed out!

Well, figured I'd write a quick update.

We have not given up or anything, I'm just moving house and Neko is sick. As soon as I have internet at my new place stuff will start getting uploaded again. (hopefully).


So, that's all!



Ok, so I thought I would start actually writing and updating this a bit.
It's a bit boring when there is nothing to up here and that is my fault.

So, lets start with an announcement!
I've been working with Wasabi Press ( during the last couple of weeks and have now made some graphics for their manga competition "Klara Färdiga Manga". the first one, for the junior category is up on the site, but the senior category's art should be up in a couple of days.

If you know swedish and like drawing manga, I can highly recommend joining the fun and sending in your work to the competition. You don't need to be Swedish to join, only have a connection to Sweden in some way and make the comic in Swedish. ^_^

Well, that's all for now!

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