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I guess, but anyway, I just wanted to say what I've been up to and have planned.

I'm currently finally getting over a cold, but I'm also heading into like the fourth week of University and I'm already ready for winter break. I do not like biology or Ethics, but I don't mind my Understanding Media course, it's actually pretty cool (I'm currently waiting for it to start right now) and also I'm taking an Elementary Japanese course and I really like it! I'm learning a lot about the Japanese language and can already have several phrases memorized.

So I've been pretty busy, but I have a bunch of unfinished sketches laying around that I really want to get around to finishing, so I'm kind of making it my goal to get at least one drawing done per week (or maybe every two weeks depending on the complexity of the image). I can really only work on stuff during the weekends, because I have classes five days a week and sometimes I don't even get home until six o'clock because I ride the bus to and from campus and this bus company can be a little bit unreliable.

I also have a couple of new Youtube videos in the works that I hope to have out sometime soon, I'm slowly working on re-branding my channel (if you could call it that) and am pretty excited to be adding more things to it and fixing it up to look a lot nicer. I'm also planning on creating a website eventually in order to have one convenient place for all of my stuff with a bit of a professional air. (This being brought on by the fact that someone showed an interest in doing business with me, but I was too fearful to link him my dA because of all the shippy and memey art that I post here on the regular.)

I am also currently obsessing over My Hero Academia so be expecting art of that in the near future, probably. Todoroki is my favorite character, my son. 

Also, I got tickets to Markiplier's tour in January so me and my friends are going to go see it, I'm so excited! :la:

I think that's it for now, thanks for reading!

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Submitted on
September 11, 2017