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Hey, I'm wanting to take some commissions since I'm low on cash and there's something that I'm really wanting to get so I'm going to be taking one full commissions for $30 dollars (one drawing up to three characters with background) or three $10 commissions (one character with simple background).

Please let me know if you are interested!

White Demon by rexyplexy TodoDeku Smooches by rexyplexy

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I guess, but anyway, I just wanted to say what I've been up to and have planned.

I'm currently finally getting over a cold, but I'm also heading into like the fourth week of University and I'm already ready for winter break. I do not like biology or Ethics, but I don't mind my Understanding Media course, it's actually pretty cool (I'm currently waiting for it to start right now) and also I'm taking an Elementary Japanese course and I really like it! I'm learning a lot about the Japanese language and can already have several phrases memorized.

So I've been pretty busy, but I have a bunch of unfinished sketches laying around that I really want to get around to finishing, so I'm kind of making it my goal to get at least one drawing done per week (or maybe every two weeks depending on the complexity of the image). I can really only work on stuff during the weekends, because I have classes five days a week and sometimes I don't even get home until six o'clock because I ride the bus to and from campus and this bus company can be a little bit unreliable.

I also have a couple of new Youtube videos in the works that I hope to have out sometime soon, I'm slowly working on re-branding my channel (if you could call it that) and am pretty excited to be adding more things to it and fixing it up to look a lot nicer. I'm also planning on creating a website eventually in order to have one convenient place for all of my stuff with a bit of a professional air. (This being brought on by the fact that someone showed an interest in doing business with me, but I was too fearful to link him my dA because of all the shippy and memey art that I post here on the regular.)

I am also currently obsessing over My Hero Academia so be expecting art of that in the near future, probably. Todoroki is my favorite character, my son. 

Also, I got tickets to Markiplier's tour in January so me and my friends are going to go see it, I'm so excited! :la:

I think that's it for now, thanks for reading!

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This is going around again so I decided to take part in it. :meow:

Rules: The first 10 people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list! If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me rexyplexy in the first spot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!
I will take down those how do not follow the rules.

1.) DetectiveRJ

The Artful Dali by DetectiveRJ Fake Poster: Felidae by DetectiveRJ You'll Never Get Home by DetectiveRJ









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Hey all! It's been quite a long while since I've made a journal or really been that active on here, so my bad, but I just wanted to say what's been going on.

I haven't really felt much like drawing lately, or really doing much of anything, school really makes me tired, but I am planning on getting out a few things here and there. Otherwise I think that I'm going to be focusing mainly on working on my personal projects when I can, I'm going to be participating in NaNoWriMo next month once again with one of the weirder story ideas that I've had; and besides that, I've been working on a lot of art for another thing that I'm doing, but I'm not going to announce what that is just yet. ;)

Other than those things, oh my goooood I am soooo excited for Pokemon Sun and Moon, the games look so amazing and I even bought a Lycanroc shirt to wear when I go get my copy. I hope that our Gamestop here also has the starter plushies in stock cause I'd love to also get myself a Litten when I go. :love: Like seriously, I could talk about these games for hours on end and how excited that I am for them.

Well I think that that's it for now.


Commissions are still open:  Commissions are Open!Commission Prices
Decided to re-vamp my commission prices and what I offer again, I'm much more happy with this new list. :meow:
    1.)    Colored Digital Chibi- $6

    2.)    B/W Traditional Head-shot- $6 *New Lowered Price*
    3.)    Colored Digital w/ white/colored/simple background- $8
    4.)    Colored Digital w/ complex backgrounds- $12

Characters for Sale:
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It's a little late into the event and I don't even know if I'm going to be able to participate much, but I thought why not, it could be fun!

Here's my profile:
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Hiya! I've been getting back into a lot of browser based game and such again lately so I thought that I'd post links to my accounts here so you guys can come say hi or send me a friend's request.

Furvilla: rexy_plexy,

And in case that you don't have a Furvilla account and are still interested in playing, here is my referral link:

Aside from Furvilla, I've gotten back into Lioden as well, because a friend of mine started playing it again and they've come out with a lot of updates since the last time I've played it back in like highschool.

Lioden: Vesper,…

And again, if you don't have an account and would like to, here is the referral link:…

I still also have a FlightRising account, but I'm not too active on it currently, I'm sure I'll start back up on it eventually though.

FlightRising: rexyplexy,…

Alright, that's it for now, hope to see some of you guys playing! :la:

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EDIT: Added another adopt, I'm really needing the cash currently since I had to buy a couple replacement wires for some of my things including my drawing tablet so I'm more likely to accept cash offers currently. (Though I might still take other things for some of them) Also, I have found people that I'm going to commission in the future for my desired character themes, so I am no longer looking for those.

EDIT 2: More adopts added and a couple characters taken off.

Seen a lot of people getting rid of their old characters and decided to do the same. A lot of these were either adopts purchased from someone else or given to me by friends, some I designed myself however. I just don't use them and would like to see them get some love from somebody else. (There's also unsold adopts that I've made here.)

:iconspotlightplz: :iconspotlightplz:

A few of them (the adopts mainly), have a set price that I want for them, but most of the things listed are up for offers. Meaning that you can offer: money, points, artwork, other characters, ect. Really whatever you want to offer for them, I'm not too entirely picky since these are older.

Though I'm not too interested in getting any new characters unless they fall under my desired themes listed here: Looking to buy custom Character(s)

Alright, I think that's about all that I wanted to say, so just let me know if interested.


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EDIT: I have found everyone that I want to commission for these, thanks for all the help! :love:

Ello, peeps I just wanted to throw this out there that I'm currently wanting some characters that fall under a certain theme and am currently on the search for people that offer custom characters as commissions. I'd prefer to have some kind of original species just because I've kind of grown bored with drawing just normal animals here lately, so if you or anyone that you know of offers them please let me know!

More specifically, I am hoping to get customs based off of the following things:

:bulletgreen: Neapolitan Ice Cream

:bulletgreen: Ouija Board

:bulletgreen: Fallout

Thanks for the help! :la:

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EDIT: I am no longer offering these for the moment as NilesDaughter is a sweet heart and bought me both Slime Rancher and Stardew Valley as a gift! She's awesome, so you peeps should definitely go check out her gallery, okay? PeriLa 

I've been really into gaming on my computer lately and there's quite a few Steam games that I'm wanting to get that look really fun. So I decided to open up a special kind of commission where instead of paying me in currency for artwork, I will also be accepting Steam games! (Which, tbh, most of the games on my wishlist aren't even that expensive.)

My Steam ID is rexyplexy and you can check out my wishlist here.

The price of the games will correspond with my commission price list, the price of the game will determine what kind of art you shall get or if I don't have a price listed for the game's amount, I am wiling to work something out with you and we will decide together what kind of artwork you will receive. My commission prices are here.

However, if you are to buy me 'Slime Rancher' or 'Stardew Valley', you will receive two full drawings or two full lineless drawings like the ones below, since those two games are the ones that I'm currently wanting the most.

[Main Prompt] Fearless Hunters by rexyplexySU Canines: Jasper by rexyplexy
SU Canines: Blue Diamond by rexyplexyDTA: Royal Kalis by rexyplexy

Also, if you don't feel like going through the hassle of buying a Steam game, but still want art from me, my regular commissions are still open as well.

Please shoot me a note if interested! 


(Also, please note that these commissions are likely to close after I receive or am able to buy both 'Slime Rancher' and 'Stardew Valley'.)

Commission Prices

Decided to re-vamp my commission prices and what I offer again, I'm much more happy with this new list. :meow:


    1.)    Colored Digital Chibi- $6

Chibis: Vro and Heritance by rexyplexyFLUFF JASP by rexyplexy


    2.)    B/W Traditional Head-shot- $6 *New Lowered Price*

         Traditional Headshot Commissions Open! by rexyplexy

    3.)    Colored Digital w/ white/colored/simple background- $8

 Peridog by rexyplexyArt Trade: Heart Locket by rexyplexy Space Melon Smooches by rexyplexyGem Puppers by rexyplexy

    4.)    Colored Digital w/ complex backgrounds- $12

 SU Canines: Jasper by rexyplexySU Canines: Keeping it Together by rexyplexy[Main Prompt] Fearless Hunters by rexyplexy Lazy Days by rexyplexy

    5.)    Reference Sheets- $25

 Dutch Angel Dragon: Reeki (comm) by rexyplexyZircon Ref by rexyplexy

    6.)    Lineless- $30

 SU Canines: Blue Diamond by rexyplexySU Canines: Two Birds by rexyplexy
DTA: Royal Kalis by rexyplexySU Canines: Summertime Sadness by rexyplexy

Please Note:

*Each extra character for any of the above offered commissions is $5

*More complicated characters may cost more.

*Added shading for any of the above offered commissions is an extra $4


~ Rexy~

Lapidot Tuesday: THAT Promo by rexyplexy

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Hey everyone, my cash commissions are currently open once more now that the Holidays are over and I am no longer overly busy! :la:

Commissions are Open! by rexyplexy  Charm Commissions Open by rexyplexy

Dutch Angel Dragon Auction 2 (CLOSED) by rexyplexy

As always, I will also do Dutch Angel Dragon references on commission for $25.


Now that the commission stuff is out of the way, I am now open for three art trade slots! :dance:
This seldom happens anymore, but I'm really wanting art work of my Homeworld Gem canine designs, because I'm weak. :XD: (Also maybe my homeworld-based Dutch Angel Dragons as well if anybody would be up to drawing them! :la:)


:bulletgreen: OPEN

:bulletgreen: OPEN

:bulletgreen: OPEN


I also have a new video up on my Youtube channel and would appreciate if you peeps gave it a watch! :love:

Until next time, I hope you all have a lovely day!

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Hello everyone, I hope you're all enjoying the holidays out there, but anyway here's a rather important update journal. For the first time in a long while, I actually have a LOT of art stuff on my to-do list, so for the time being ALL commissions are closed. I will make a journal when they are open again. (Because surprisingly, people have been interesting in commissioning me lately. :love:)

Fear not, however! For those of you that may be interested, I am now selling things on Redbubble and while there's not much there yet (only three things available so far); I plan to make much more things available.

Also, if there's anything that I've done that you might want to see for sale on my Redbubble shop, then don't be afraid to make a suggestion! I'm open to them right now.

You can find my shop, here:…

Another thing, while I have had a vine account for awhile, I never really used it much, but I really want to start using it more because I think vines can be fun. If any of you guys have vines, you can go ahead and tell me and I'll check them out! I would also appreciate it you check out my account as well.


Well, I think that's all for now.

Happy Holidays!


Holiday WishlistOther people are doing it, so hey, why not? I don't really expect to be getting much art from people, but I'll make this just in case someone might want to draw me something and are unsure of what. :meow:
:bulletgreen: Heritance- My current main character and precious child. :XD:

:bulletgreen: Zircon- She's my newest character.

:bulletgreen: Virgin Rainbow Opal (Vro)- My current main Gem OC.

:bulletgreen: Any of my Homeworld Gem-themed Dutch Angel Dragons.
I could go on, but I think these are the characters that I would most like to receive art of at the moment. However, art of any of my other characters or even of my SU canine designs, is greatly appreciated.
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Other people are doing it, so hey, why not? I don't really expect to be getting much art from people, but I'll make this just in case someone might want to draw me something and are unsure of what. :meow:

:bulletgreen: Heritance- My current main character and precious child. :XD:

Heritance Ref 2015 by rexyplexy

:bulletgreen: Zircon- She's my newest character.

Zircon Ref by rexyplexy

:bulletgreen: Virgin Rainbow Opal (Vro)- My current main Gem OC.

Gem OC Ref: Virgin Rainbow Opal by rexyplexy

:bulletgreen: Any of my Homeworld Gem-themed Dutch Angel Dragons.

Dutch Angel Dragon: Lapis Lazuli by rexyplexy  Dutch Angel Dragon: Peridot by rexyplexy  Dutch Angel Dragon: Jasper by rexyplexy

I could go on, but I think these are the characters that I would most like to receive art of at the moment. However, art of any of my other characters or even of my SU canine designs, is greatly appreciated.

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The above animations and drawings (c) rexyplexy

For the MAP posted below, parts are still open so I recommend checking it out.

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It's been awhile since I've updated this, so here it is! Quite a few changes here and there.

:bulletgreen:- Means I've active there!

:bulletyellow:- I try to be active, but sometimes I forget or don't have time for it.

:bulletred:- Pretty inactive.

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