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C. Leung
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
People's Republic of China
我钟意卡通(漫画、动画等等的东西)、纪录片(特别是自然科学类)。我挺喜欢画画(画卡通之类比较多),喜欢用画画的方式来说一些事情以及表达我的观点、态度、感受、想法等等。嗯,traditional art & digital art 都有玩。
I'm Christina Leung.
You could also call me Rexy (Rexy2000).
I Love cartoons(comics, animations and sort of things) and documentaries(especially the ones about nature and science). I like drawing (cartoons are my preference). I'd like to draw in order to tell some stories and show my opinions, attitudes, feelings, and also express my thoughts. Er, I could do both traditional art and digital art.

Thanks by AriNeko
Thank me or not by impersonalinfo 嗯,我是指你们不用一定来谢谢我收藏、评论、送羊驼、私信或关注的,毕竟我懒得/没时间回复一部分那些。Well, I mean you DON'T HAVE TO thank me for the favs, comments, llamas, notes or watches, since I'm too lazy/ don't have time to reply some(many) of those.
If you are using or reposting my works.. by YourOwnArt 是的,那样很不友好。Yup, that's not friendly at all.

【I don't do requests, art trades or commissions】
(At least not without my permission)
(I'm not good at English and I might have grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes sometimes. Please don't mind, and if you can point them out, I'll be grateful)


I cannot finish the request this early… I haven't even started drawing. Maybe it will have to wait till next month...

I can't help myself posting stuff to Art Station. Since I cannot get on DA often, I will just post some works there.
I finally have an account on Art Station!
I cannot get on DA very often due to some kinds of internet signal problems. And I failed to get an amino account due to some similar problems. That's why I am a bit more active on Lofter but here at the moment. But Lofter's environment/atmosphere is a little bit disappointing... And I honestly prefer to be more active here... On Lofter, I cannot find enough art that I am interested in, and some of the people there might cause troubles (of copyright and manners and things like that)for me, much easier. I suppose Art Station would be a nicer place to browse art and learn stuff compared to Lof/weibo. So I start an account there in order to browse more art, but I don't have the plan for posting anything there for now.
I have taken an request here (I thought I had the time for this but the fact is, I am just soooo busy and tired)... I will see if I can start working on it this weekend.
Request are not open!
I think I will post more of my silly passages about my silly concepts and thoughts and plans for my渡鸦之翼 here. I need to force myself to do such things.
1. I am drawing some concept art for :icondeedyabroad: 's phanfic Vulnerable Phantom recently. I may make some of VP's plots into graphics, which are sth like illustrations or even comics I suppose. You guys can find and read VP on his DA page. The story is pretty interesting.

2. Have been trying to translate :icontheultimateenemy: 's awesome comic Doppelganger. It isn't an easy work, but I'm doing my best I think. But it seems that I cannot figure out the foreword. Then maybe no foreword this time.

3. My AUs? Mainly working on that particular one. Have been writing the plots for some time. I've changed the novel/comic's Eng title, but the details will be discussed in my future silly articles/passages (I have written a few already, it's just that I haven't post any yet.).
F**k those book thieves. Curse those who have stolen my textbooks.
Grammar mistakes, informal language and other problems.
(I just wanted to write sth, so whatever)

 Still the same old problem: how should I translate the title?

 To me, this isn't the major problem, but if I want to post sth to DA, the works' titles must be in Eng. Aside from this, it's easier for many deviants and other people to recognise and understand the works (all of my projects included). And I'm going to make an Eng version anyway, so I want to work out a nice English title, in this case, it will be more convenient for me to write things and there might be less embarrassing situations(nothing awkward related to my works has happened so far). My English is not good enough for me to translate/write things properly all the time. Like the passage here, I don't really know if it's weird.And I reall don't want to cause confusions /misunderstandings.
 On 24th June, I thought that it might  be better to translate "渡鸦之翼" into "Wing of The Ravens". I also considered using other ways, even pinyin or numbers, but those were absolutely weird and silly.
 Many of my short comics or any works with complicated dialogues/texts will be in Chinese. And I want to use Cantonese more often. My Cantonese is no better than my English, but at least I grew up in a Cantonese environment. Cantonese is not easy to write, and it's a bit like the ancient language, but it's also combined with some foreign languages, so it's complicated. I think I'm not speaking it very well. As for my English... I can write simple dialogues and passages in Eng, but the longer and the more complicated I write, the weirder it goes. Not to mention my spoken Eng (Unable to handle a simple chat for long).

 But I will try to translate them... At least some of them... It's more like rewriting the dialogues...

 For the main stories/plots, there will certainly be an Eng version, and I will try to do most of the translation myself. I will seek for help, of course. However, the translation wouldn't be a problem at the moment... It WILL BE, after a few chapters are done.  Right now, I am writing the first draft of the novel. And I need a pretty long time to figure out many things... I won't start to work on the pages so soon.
---Christina Leung



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