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Lit Contest: The More Things Change

Lit Contest: The More Things Change

...the more they stay the same. Iiiiit's contest time! All original literature welcome. This is a speculative fiction contest—the technology requirement could cover steampunk, 'John Carter,' 'The Windup Girl,' 'Watchmen,' '2001: A Space Odyssey' or about anything else you can think of. The one thing that isn't permissible is magic. That was a joke. RULESYour story must center around the development of a relationship between two entities. Some things to consider:What kind of relationship is it? (No, "relationship" doesn't have to mean "romance.")Who/what is it between?Is the development positive/negative? The relationship must be n

Roadside Romeo English sub

Roadside Romeo English sub

Movie provided generously from ~Mohammad891 ( part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 Because ppl keep asking me for the link ^^;


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BloodRavens1 Traditional Artist
Happy b-day *gives you strawberry cake* I hope we can be friends or not (new watcher) here is video kittens purring motor (notmine) (Razz)FCtfH…   cat emperor by BloodRavens1  Wizard Cat by BloodRavens1  Cat sleeping on dude face by BloodRavens1
rex t do u still have the jp3 raptor skins that are seen in ur video…

if u do could u send the skins to be available somehow?
SheppreHobbyist General Artist
I had q, last time we spoke you said something happened to our map, I'm itching to get back into resuming the project (obvs not without you, but at least fiddling around with it, letting people visit the map ETC ETC) but I remember you saying something messed everything up bc of furc's update, I barely have internet sometimes so sorry if my replies are late and whatnot :cry:
AdulationHobbyist General Artist
hayyyy. long time no see.
robertoadder8Hobbyist General Artist
Dear rext-rex, I'm a deviant who is a fan of tokusatsu, would it be all right if I joined your group?

PS like your user name.
RexT-Rex General Artist
The group's policy should be set to allow anyone to join. You don't need to ask my permission first. :)