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Food Four Thought

3 min read
Hey, four years now without a journal entry. Looks like I did it -- I went another increasing interval without a journal, but I think I shan't do it anymore. World's gonna end soon enough a lot sooner than five years, right? Mayan predictions? Why no, I've heard of no such thing (and could obviously hear you over the internet and, um, in the past when I posted this). I was just going off of the state of things in general.

Today marks the thirteenth anniversary of my web site -- the same site that was almost destroyed because of all the time and effort I redirected into another web site (that ended up destroyed despite my time and effort).

Thirteen is a pretty big special number... I guess? Fridays are spooky in it, and groups of traveling dwarves are bad in it, so special it is. In web time, it is nigh unthinkable to last that long.

So what did I do to mark the occasion? Bupkis~!

Now, I didn't want to do nothing. Things just ended up that way. Doesn't help that the long weekend ere was spent at my folks' place, which -- while highly conducive to playing Overpower and old X-Men board games -- is highly unconducive to getting site things done.

I prolly coulda rushed some garbage update out, but some time ago, I decided to try and free myself from meaningless scheduled updates. All that did was force me to make poorer quality features, or incomplete features that were brought up-to-snuff in rapid upcoming releases after the initial look-at-me-I-made-the-target date.

Unfortunately, in reality, this new policy has just lead to me making almost no releases ever. I'm still doing stuff -- arguable as to whether less or more -- but it is never getting put out there. Without any self-imposed mandate and no market or demand for the wares I'm peddling, there is little reason to. Thus, I just keep plugging away at an array of features in a disorganized method, creating a horde of half-finished ideas and works that never see the light of day instead of a horde of half-finished works that do see the light of day.
And I openly acknowledge this fact yet still do it all the same.

And it isn't as though I didn't at least try to think of something to do. In fact, all this week, I was racking my brain for something of meaning that I could do for the occasion -- even one to which I do not want to hold myself strictly. I even opted on this non-work over actual work on other projects, thus delaying my other debuting-question-mark? to an even murkier future release date.

The moral of the story is: today is National Doughnut Day and I didn't get any doughnuts.
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Three Year Anniversary~!

1 min read
That's right! It is the Three Year Anniversary of me not posting a journal entry!

... Aw blutty 'el! There goes that record. Oh well, fun while it lasted.

I still hate devArt's submission procedure, even with the new version. It took me far too long to do things that are far too simple. Hey, a Flash upload box? That is way so much better than just entering a file name in a normal box because... um... it takes longer to load and often breaks! Hoo-ways!

Now let's see if I can beat my three year record. See ya in 2012, losers!

... in Hel... 'cause we'll be dead by then. Guess how I know both of us? Unless you take me down first. I'd like to see you try...
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1 min read
I'm back again, and finishing the Wave of Babies started months ago. Why now? A li'l genius called John "Bradshaw" Layfield, that's why!

The best wrestler/person has an awesome radio show I recommend everybody check-check out! Since I'm sittin' here listenin', I'm going to hurl block after block of my remaining artwork.
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Wave of Babies

1 min read
I am finally getting around to transferring all the old artwork that was uploaded onto my site to DA! (It isn't there any more due to space reason. That's right -- aliens are to blame.)

I am about to do a huge bomb of stuff, 'specially to scraps, so if you have me watched on scraps, I suggest turning it off for the time being. Also, since this is all going to be so terribly boring, I am going to rewhet my much-dusty writing by typing little pieces about the, well, pieces. I mean, I cannot actually write that much about the actual pictures.

I mean, I have one hundred and eleven pictures to upload over the next few days. Saying "Here's another piece of crap" would get tired at around twenty.
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Back... with a vengeance!

2 min read
I'd hate to bother everyone with whining, but I got some 'splainin' to do. The reason I have been around less than my normal scant appearances is 'cause I have been stranded without internet connection for a whole friggin' month. That's a record for me.

But, it was no biggy. I mean, I still had my scanner, right? I could catch up on my oh wait, it's broken. I guess I could always buy no I can't, Massachusetts sucks like that.

This had to be the trip I didn't bring any gaming systems with me, too. It also had to be the only time I entrusted my tranfer of files to the internet rather than always trust and ready diskettes. I pretty much lost a month of my life... well, I got some good TV in.

This brings me to my latest venture -- the only thing I can do without a scanner -- writing. Despite the lack of it here, I have been known to tear it up. Ever hear of Vap Bab: Fight for the Mist Stone? Probably not! But it is a cult favorite, nonetheless.

That same brand of wackiness is fueling MadGoblin's Rumbl-O-Rama at my site's newest feature: Black & White, an interactive story writer. There is other stuff there, too, but if RoR is anything like the previous two, it'll rock.
I had a nice piccy all drawn up for RoR, too, but, y'know, Fate hates me.
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