Three Year Anniversary~!

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That's right! It is the Three Year Anniversary of me not posting a journal entry!

... Aw blutty 'el! There goes that record. Oh well, fun while it lasted.

I still hate devArt's submission procedure, even with the new version. It took me far too long to do things that are far too simple. Hey, a Flash upload box? That is way so much better than just entering a file name in a normal box because... um... it takes longer to load and often breaks! Hoo-ways!

Now let's see if I can beat my three year record. See ya in 2012, losers!

... in Hel... 'cause we'll be dead by then. Guess how I know both of us? Unless you take me down first. I'd like to see you try...
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Gasp and shock! I knew there was a reason I still had you in my favorites!
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Is that reason to find out when I finally kick the bucket? I know that's the reason I'm in my favorites.

In some alternate dimension, that makes sense. But so do hamburger hats, so what do those freaks know?
Obviously that delicious hats are superior.

And unfortunately, no, I'm not dead yet. The whole world weeps.
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Hm, you make a good point there. Of course, I don't think I have the guts to make the initial strike.

... Potato? </dated reference>