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Talk Like A Pirate 'Hogg

Sometimes, I don't think the things I draw to be graphics on my site deserve to be uploaded to dA.

Other times, I visit the dA main page and see the vomit others leave to stagnate there.
"I drew an arm on low-quality paper and photographed it for even worse quality! I may finish it one day. Plz comment and fav." Feh!

For Talk Like A Pirate Day, Pirate 'Hogg is greeting the visitors to Reality's End while it is translated into Piratese for one (bung)whole day. Arrrrr!

Strangely enough, Pirate 'Hogg existed before this picture, although I cannot say for certain why.

Hat, eye patch, saber, hook claw, peg tail, flag wing, and... starfish? Those are piratey, right? Guess it is better than an indistinguishable barnacle, right?.

Nidhogg is something of a mascot on my site, what with being the first creature in the first game I ever made on it. The real Nidhogg would prolly be crying if he could see himself in this get-up. Or, y'know... if he actually existed.

Despite trying to leave lots of room on my sketchpad, those blasted wings still reached over into the spirals, which is why the tip looks a bit off. Er, more off than the rest o' the pic.
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