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Never: Take One

A short time ago, ~Daimyo-KoiKoi made his dA (re?)debut with what looked like a brand spankin' new avatar to match his fresh fishy moniker.

Wellsir, this made me think that now everyone in the chatty-group of which I am a, um, lurker finally had a copyright-clean self-representation -- an occasion which merited mockery. And by "mockery," I mean "me attempt to drawr 'em."

What I also did not realize is that no, not even close to everyone had a new avatar. In fact, many of them did not have any avatar, as far as I (and Google) could tell. That is why when my sucktastic non-nib pen started giving out, I just sorta said "meh" and went with it.

Everyone pictured does have a dA account, tho'. So, from left to right:

:iconvaporchu8: Veech goes by a lot of names (vaporchu, superyoshi888, etc.) and no avatars, so I tried combining all names and spinning enough to be copyright-free. One thing that is kind of a holdover from old notes of mine are the three interlocking eights that comprise his eyes and cheeks. The new addition of a V head-crest kinda hide that fact, tho'.

:icontopmonhit: Duth Olec was very insistent, last I spoke with him, that his avatar was a cloud. I combined that more with a snake/worm thing he had at some forum, and bam -- yet another monstrosity for this poor guy. Free from previous designs, I imagine this sorta avatar could become a bad-ass cloud wyrm with a spinny, tornado attack (in homage to the Topmonhit namesake).

:icondaimyo-koikoi: The newly christened (Buddha'd? Shinto'd?) Daimyo-KoiKoi has only one very tiny picture of this representation, so I lifted a lot of the details from old Dedede Daimyo artwork. And poorly, at that.

:iconmadgoblin: Originally, the Ometon was going to be the seasick one, but then I found a better place to stick 'im. Although I have rendered Bimblesnaff nauseous and with hamster-cheeks before, never before has Squeaky Bogg been rendered as both by me. Truly a momentous day...

:iconjamesghost11: Next up is Sam the Dawg (walked by James the Ghost~!). It is sorta like an inverse of those invisible dog leashes you used to see and may have once been funny.

:iconbluetodpole: Razy, TodPole, Kirazy -- what are we supposed to call this guy now? Obviously, I was never a fan of the "Kirby plus crap" motif, anyway, and any chance to take pink out of a character is a chance I'll take.

And rounding up the lot as the unwilling icebreaker is what is apparently only the second appearance of the Ometon on my dA... or, um, anyone's dA, I guess. Huh, I guess that means I still do draw, really -- just not here.

I plan on doing these guys justice some other day when they can get over their identity crises. I also plan on using a pen that won't dry up on light hatching. Blutty horrible, these things are. Maybe that's what I get for having pens for, um, ten years? Wow, I'm cheap~!
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Daimyo-KoiKoi's avatar
Oh, man! How unexpected! I am delighted! Mints, I love you, man. Utmost honor, high fives, low fives, all that. I'm sorry for bailing on our ship of awesomeness. As soon as I regain internet and stability, I will beg you guys' admittance back to the team; this time with fresh ideas and motivation, in spades~! SOFA a-hoy!
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When I first saw this, I thought Squeaky Bogg was eating something, like potato chips. Sam's expression looks nicely characteristic of the style in Jame's comics.
JimiGhost's avatar
heh this is very awesome lookin, always nice to see Sam in someone elses style!
I should have a go at drawing something like this too.
Kirazy's avatar
Not even I know to call myself or what I look like~!
I guess I've become fond of 'Razy' though. And for the record, the Blink Batamon was never actually my own creation. If it were up to me, I'd be something far more disturbing! Daimyo drew it up, and since I had nothing else, the 'RR folks deemed it my avatar.
I enjoy this very much, by the way. Especially the delightfully ridiculous backwards R~
What's that? It's my turn next!? Phooey.