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As the saying goes, the pen is mightier than the flaming sword. I think that is how it goes, at least.

DLIII standards Coo and Bukiset goin' at it with a burning blade and... a feather. Wow, the orbular owl sure got the short stick in that draw.
Coo not looking like a complete load was a big surprise to me. That poor guy doesn't even look right in official art half the time.

This image was intended to be used in conjunction with Rainbow Resort's new and experimental collaborative writing feature. Big shock -- I made it. That makes three or five of the things I've coded now, depending on how you count. The only code reuse I got outta this one was the SVG to display the multiple story splinters. Idea reuse all around, sure, but only one part code.

It'll be interesting comparing this thing's failure to that of my previous CW efforts like REWS. As is always these things' downfall (and I would know -- as I've stated before, I've done it enough), there are enough good writers to keep it afloat, but none willing. They either want to horde all of their ideas for their own monolithic work, which will never see the light of day, or they are those wretched RP types who refuse to let any of their creations be touched by other authors, what on account of being unable to think of more than a small handful of characters which must be perfectly awesome and awesomely perfect.
Strangely enough, any rare few talents who fall outside those categories always seem to want to go on their own adventure and make their own collaborative writing site -- which is just a forum. Why take advantage of specialized software on a community of which you are already part? Having the age-old simultaneous addition problem is way better than doing that~!

Oh, right, there was a picture here.
Pencil over ink on bad paper. GIMPly colored.
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