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For my yearly Halloween movie binge, I've been watching a lot of Godzilla and other kaiju/mostly Toho films. It got me thinking about how it is difficult to come up with a Godzilla or a Gamera, but it is very easy to come up with a secondary kaiju or a villain. Heck, just look at how many headliners get demoted to Godziller lackey (Rodan, anyone?).

Here are two such examples I thought up: a generic giant lizard who became much less generic by having its head exploded by some sort of parasite that grows out a giant eyeball, and a horrible lab accident involve beetle and tank DNA. (Like anything related to computers in movies before 2000, DNA was known to be a thing by movie studios, but they knew absolutely nothing about it. This did not stop them from including either in their movie plots extensively.)

It made me very happy to see in a search for "beetle tank" (to check if any such thing was done before as I had done) that one of the results was ~scythemantis.
The beetle was mostly designed to lie with its wings/shells closed close to its tracks and none of its gun-arms exposed. I had simply defined its limbs and other internals as vague robotic stuff. The first scrawling of the beetle tank doesn't even have its arms attached to anything, and no internals to speak of, which is prolly why things went so horribly wrong there. Angling its optics upward was another thing I had never planned on, which really threw things off as well.

This picture continues my recent tradition of mostly fleshing out designs in the first "real" picture of a new creation, thus significantly reducing its reality and making it garbage that is unfit to be featured. However, I really don't want two years worth of Jack O' Lanterns on my dA front page again, and I need another picture to make that happen. Thus the classic "dirty" sketch look, which is mostly from this being uninked and junked up with unerasables. I think it is pretty obvious that the deyenosaur had much less difficult in its drarwin' than did the beetle.

This sketch also continued my recent tradition of getting so frustrated that I just say "Screw it!" (aloud, and to no one in particular) and put way too much more work into an image on the digital side than it is even close to worth -- which would be any of the work.

As much as went wrong with this image, I was pleasantly surprised to see how fun the unshaded pencil turned out for at least the deyeno. Prolly should have done an individual kaiju without even a lame attempt at backdrop, which I mostly blacked out anyway.
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Congratulations on that killer-looking Beetle-Tank! I can totally imagine every function and movement that guy would make. You know how hard it can be to make a mechanical character look right, anatomically speaking- but it looks to me like you have the right idea, here. I disagree with not shading the deyeno; I think it would help if he had just a simple scribbled texture, so the green would not be so blinding. However, this is a thought for another time and place, where you inevitably put as much effort into his design, as you do with the robit~
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Fun fact: the deyenosaur was not supposed to be those colors. Those were the mask colors, chosen for maximum brightness and distinguishment from the background.

And when I was saving the picture, I realized I never swapped them out for something less blinding. Of course, by then, it was around midnight, so I just shrugged.

The Beetle-Tank actually does have some pseudo-functional pistons on it, pretty much all of which were lost due to the fact that I tried to fit two things landscape in my 8.5" sketchpad. So, yes, there were plenty of bad decisions to go around.