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Gooey X Moogong Cover Art

Normally, something of this caliber would end up in my scraps. However, when I came to dA, there was a shoddily scanned pencil Sailor Moon on line-ed paper on the main page. This happened, of course, because this was any visit to deviantArt.
So this gets bumped up into first class over coach. Lucky you.

This is the joke box art for Gooey Against Moogong, and while the box may be very fake, the game is very real. Well, "game", since it entirely consists of Gooey fighting against Moogong and, well, an ending. And a title screen, too, and I think that is all one needs to get be-quoted game status!

Gooey is, for the uninitiated, Kirby of Dream Land fame's sidekick in his third non-capitalized adventure. He was featured as the hero in this role 1) because he simpler form made it much easier to churn this game out in one week and 2) never having Kirby as the lead character is a rule for my Dream Land fan games.

Moogong, on the other hand, is an original creation for an fan creation contest over at Rainbow Resort. It was made for its limited number of frames (levitation is fun~!) and just because I like Sirenia, and not the band, either, although I do like the band Sirenia. I'm talkin' 'bout sea cows: manatees, dugongs, and... um... the very rare water hyrax. It is so rare that if you try Googling it, nothing will come up.
And it is from the sea cow gimmick that Moogong gets both its name and appearance, although I think that was lost on a few people over at KRR.

Moogong is an Ice Miniboss, mostly because of the Stellar's sea cow, an arctic and extinct variety. Now, in the pic above, yer prolly thinkin' "Ice?" Of course! Gooey also has hair. And a sword. And pecs. The cover art for this game was modeled after any Nintendo game's packaging: shirtless barbarian, looming evil, and other genericness. Game companies prolly just commissioned some artist in bulk and then tried to find works that fit best with whatever games they made...

"There's a wizard in this game. Do we have anything in the bin with a wizard on it?"
"Yeah, but... he's dancing with hamburgers."
"Those are beef bogeys~!"

So, pretty much, I just tried to do as little things that made sense as possible. Gooey is carrying keys -- a common motif in games, but definitely not the Dream Land series. Kirby is apparently a chained princess, although small. Moogong has claws and arms.

And, of course, Gooey is scowling.

In particular, the cover skews Iron Sword, since something had me thinking of it recently. For that reason, Iron Sword's music is used in the menu of the game.

The name comes from Godzilla Against Mecha-Godzilla, mostly because it was fresh in my mind from AVGN's recent Godzillathon.
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Kinda reminds me of a Slime... and a Slime Knight fused.
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