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Captain Stitch is a Pirate

Avast, me mateys! Pirates be everywharrrrrr, except in the Dream Land games. Kirby's company is noticeably lacking any scurvy sea dogs.
The series does have, however, a landlubber (that word wasn't caught by my spellchecker -- how awesome is that?!) by the name of Captain Stitch. Like many of the minibosses from Dream Land 2&3, Stitch just happens to be uninspired or a bigger version of another enemy -- Gordo, in this case.

I like the Needle power, for some reason, so I only thought it fair to improve upon the design of this boss. And when I revamp, I actually use real sources like the character's name instead of non sequitur ideas just 'cause I felt like it~!

Thus, Pirate Captain Stitch was born. I've had the idea for a long time, but it never materialized until I was reminded that International Talk Like A Pirate Day was fast approaching. I needed a graphic to remind everyone on KRR of that fact so that they wouldn't be freaked out by the site's sudden translation into pirate speak. Arrrrr...

It is very well possible to replace even more of Stitch's spikes with other things (cannons, flags, swords) but then the poor guy would barely be Needle anymore! Besides, one of his spikes could retract completely into a hole for another appendage to pop-out and make a temporary appearance -- enough to shoot a cannonball or the like. That's good enough, right?

I was very surprised to discover how horrible Pirate Stitch looked with a small hat. It had to be blown up to a size that covered three spikes instead of the intended one.
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Haha, great combination! I could imagine this as official enemy.
I particularly like the wooden leg that replaces one of the spikes.
The idea of the spikes retracting to get temporarily replaced for little guns for a scattershot seems like a perfect assault for this boss :D
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I saw this on the Front page at the resort. Very awesome. <3
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Why isn't this official? ...Oh, right, because Captain Stitch hasn't shown up in any games in over ten years.