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My Bio
A software engineer in Pittsburgh by way of Northern Ohio, I am a sometimes-artist of the pen-and-pencil variety, but more often a programmer with over a decade of web and game development experience.

Favourite Visual Artist
Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Ed Roth
Favourite Movies
Godzilla franchise, anything MST3K/Rifftrax
Favourite TV Shows
The Simpsons, Law and Order, Psych, Community
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Epica, Coronatus, Sound Garden, STP
Favourite Books
Phantastes, Metamorphoses, Historia Naturalis
Favourite Writers
Snorri Sturluson, Ovid, George MacDonald
Favourite Games
Dragon War, Chaos Progenitus (AKA Demon Dice), Magi-Nation
Favourite Gaming Platform
Table top
Tools of the Trade
Pen, GIMP, Vim
Other Interests
Mythology, Software Development, Writing
Hey, four years now without a journal entry. Looks like I did it -- I went another increasing interval without a journal, but I think I shan't do it anymore. World's gonna end soon enough a lot sooner than five years, right? Mayan predictions? Why no, I've heard of no such thing (and could obviously hear you over the internet and, um, in the past when I posted this). I was just going off of the state of things in general. Today marks the thirteenth anniversary of my web site -- the same site that was almost destroyed because of all the time and effort I redirected into another web site (that ended up destroyed despite my time and effort). T
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That's right! It is the Three Year Anniversary of me not posting a journal entry! ... Aw blutty 'el! There goes that record. Oh well, fun while it lasted. I still hate devArt's submission procedure, even with the new version. It took me far too long to do things that are far too simple. Hey, a Flash upload box? That is way so much better than just entering a file name in a normal box because... um... it takes longer to load and often breaks! Hoo-ways! Now let's see if I can beat my three year record. See ya in 2012, losers! ... in Hel... 'cause we'll be dead by then. Guess how I know both of us? Unless you take me down first. I'd like to
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I'm back again, and finishing the Wave of Babies started months ago. Why now? A li'l genius called John "Bradshaw" Layfield, that's why! The best wrestler/person has an awesome radio show I recommend everybody check-check out! Since I'm sittin' here listenin', I'm going to hurl block after block of my remaining artwork.
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Thanks for faving :D
I wanted to fave the entire collection as a whole, but it doesn't look like there's a way.

The first'll do.
Hey there, Ometon!
Hi! Is THIS your site?

Yes... yes it is. That's why it's linked on my profile page! Well, y'know... it was linked before you just linked it again >.>
Oh, yeah!:iconteheplz: I didn't see the link there! :D

Well, I had a question.

Do you think I could feature some of your drawings on a wiki (mini-encyclopedia) about mythical creatures? I'd like to show them to others, because they depict the creatures really well!

I'd gladly give you credit for it! Whaddya say? :)
Wow, someone actually asking permission first? Usually I just find my own stuff linked around the 'net when relating to the really obscure stuff (for which, apparently, I provide nearly the only source).

Yeah, sure, go ahead and use 'em.