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dark Phoenix

an other phoenix from :iconrandygreen:

colors by me
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Thanks Jessica :D
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The colors look great. I like the way you did the lighting. It gives the image a nice amount of depth
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Love the glow man, its so lively. Its warm and Vibrant, but so so dangerous.
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Holy $#!t! Was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this. I was actually to the point of burnout with seeing all the Phoenix stuff all the time that this one renews my love for her.
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I'd let her eat MY galaxy if you know what I mean :mwahaha:

...yeah that sounded stupid to me too.
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Wow!!! It`s wonderful! Colors are very bright and deep. It`s awesome.
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beautiful coloring here... i love these lines!!!!
JUANCAQUE's avatar it..thats gurl too =D
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I dig I dig!!

¡Quedo matón! :D
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Really awesome colors! Thanks!
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Great colors! Nice work.
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Thank you!!

I see your blog and you have very nice art man :D
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I didn't think anyone would be able to color this well because it was such a low-quality line art scan, but you did a great job.
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