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The Incredible Hulk

By Rexgios
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The Mighty Green Beast \m/

A vector version from Jonas Thornqvist's 3D
Check out the original here [link]

Texture: Shutterstock

[Adobe Illustrator CS2]
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I`m gonna tattoo this one today! Ty for the inspiration
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May I please use this in an HTC theme??
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Im commenting this again in 2011. Oh the drama.
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and again in 2014. Oh the drama.
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Whoa! I really like this style! Coool!
Nicely done!
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Thanks! Don't forget to check out the 3D version :D
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Love the splash effect
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hey dude, just tellin ya, I saw this deviation at approximately 2:24 AM and your views were 666 (FREAKEH). I don't really know why I'm telling u this, but I just figured that you might want this info.

Which I know that u probably don't. :D

but think about it.

It's FREAKEH (yeah it's catchy)
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Ahh gimme a break, It's just a coincidence dude.. u're sooo overrated aka L-E-B-A-Y lol
hmmm.. tp pretty FREAKEH jg yak? wkwkwk.. forget it.. :D
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I know it's overrated tho.

but still....

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WOW Its amazing...

I have a mall favour to ask.

Is there a chance that you culd send me the file on my Email? I would love to check how was it done.

Its just great.
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Thx man! u better check the original version, this is totally nothing :D [U can see the link bellow the artwork]
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Seriously, the 3d render rox but I like your work. Its way more catchy.

I give you 10/10 ;)
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hahaha thx alot.. :D
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I like this so much.. do you mind if I create my own version as a wallpaper ?

what that guy is doing to you is considered abuse you should report him to DA you can file a complaint.
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It's not ORIGINAL u know, i traced it from the 3D version.. ohh if u want to check the original version, go the the link bellow the artwork :) How did u know about that guy btw? Naaah, it's okay, i don't want any problems by reporting that guy to dA :D But thx for the info, maybe if he crossed the line, i'll do as u suggested hehe :)
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Yes I can see that you didn't traced it. I've seen the original, It's not a "copy-paste" principal. You just vectored it and made it your own way. This happens a lot to vector artists, no worries mate :D
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Lol to the dude trying to claim you´re a plagiarizer or somethin =P

What´s great about this is the style of the vector, not the fact that it´s the Incredible Hulk ¬_¬ I mean the Hulk's the Hulk right? Hope you see what I'm trying to get across haha, sorry you had to deal with that dickhead
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I kinda agree with u, btw Thx for the support man! It's okay :) Dickhead? wow! lol
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sorry without getting heavy worded again. What I was meaning to say is, I'm sorry if it seemed like I was harassing YOU. I did not mean it to come off that way.
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