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jurassic park 4 logo

this is a jp iv logo also on my other profile spinogill
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Wondering, I am writin a fanfic about ^^^THAT and was wondering if I caould use your logo to represent th story? ;) I would really love it. Your logo is thebest I've seen fan made. Please respond! :D
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I like how instead of a Jungle it is a City. Nice Poster!
War-Journalist's avatar
Brutally awesome. Too bad it's stuck in development Hell. This SHOULD be the poster!
rexbiteandspinopark's avatar
yea, wished they would make the movie already
SpawnFire88's avatar
rexbiteandspinopark's avatar
that's what we though back then
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I hope they put t-rex back as the star for the movie.
nelsini0s's avatar
THATS SO COOL! i had a sort of a same idea, lol. but oh well. i'll make mine very original. :o
rexbiteandspinopark's avatar
thank you...good luck! and show us when yur done!
Yukes's avatar
I can't wait 4 the real thing to come =)
rexbiteandspinopark's avatar
me either..hey you wanna join up with us?? if so just contact :iconcommanderlewis: and he'll add u! oh check hs work out tehy are really kool!
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hi too .Tq for info I will keep this in mind, but i dun had any devation or maybe just not yet :doh:
anyway , I just got project to make board game n I just thinking to make JP stuff in there.
About Joining the club I would be happy to join =)
ravenclawxwhitewolf's avatar
Aww...but I don't want the dinosaurs to die. :(
Kieroski's avatar
awsome! Unfortunately, it hasn't come out yet. I think It comes out next summer or some where around December this year. I've searched and found a few dates, but none were approved D8 Been waiting for almost a year since I found out about #4
rexbiteandspinopark's avatar
sadly it wont be coming out! :( at least not til 09
ixzidian2031's avatar
dude i heard that steven spielberg will be making that not that one person name that made jp3 & ruin the t-rex & spielberg movie
rexbiteandspinopark's avatar
really? how u know this>?
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