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Nyx The chinx
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
I do commissions and collaborations so just ask.
WOO- (F2U) by TinkerBellTheChihua Proud MSpaint User Stamp by Blashy-Chan
Toy Changle stamp F2U by TinkerBellTheChihua Anti Vore Stamp by nickanater1
Furry Stamp by unicornoffame Stop Using Autism as an Insult by BudCharles
Autism Stamp by JENNY-87
Ennard Requests OPEN Stamp by BlueBismuth Toy Bonnie Roleplays Open Stamp by BlueBismuth
Freddy Commissions Open Stamp by BlueBismuth Foxy Art Trades Open Stamp by BlueBismuth


Sleepy Stargazer - Jaff and Laughing Jack
Have you ever stargazed?
Tell me, have you ever dared,
Sneak out on a cold dark night
And see the stars’ joyous play?

I have stargazed once before,
Though I’m sure it was just a dream.
The sky had been bright
With a million lights.
The most beauty I’ve ever seen.

I went stargazing with my mother once
After a restless; disturbed sleep.
She picked me up with a tender hold
And took out into the cold.

And up we flew! Above the clouds!
Their touch as damp as morning dew
Satin strands dancing wild
And shielding a star stud sky

We stayed up their throughout the night.
The stars were plentiful; shining bright
Finding Orian, Leo, Pegasus and more
Whilst in my mother’s angelic hold.

And I awake once more, inside my bed
Candy print covers, feathered head rest.
And recalling the star filled night events,
I smile and my eyes close once again.

Something nice for a change.
Jaff belongs to HellishGayliath
Laughing Jack belongs to SnuffBomb
My Response to PastaMonsters (read description)
So there's this semi popular comic going around in the Creepypasta fandom called PastaMonsters, created about the Creepypastas. Needless to say I hate this comic and it isn't anything personal but rather what is happening to a character that everyone seems to pass off.

I was scrolling through Laughing Jack fanart when I stumbled upon the PastaMonsters Wikia Page about him. Naturally, I read through the article to find out how his character was being used and needless to say...

I. Was. Disgusted.

Here's the article link if you wish to see for yourself:…

Laughing Jack was being portrayed as an arrogant asshole of a bully who had little to no remorse or shame. Was it a surprise the other Pastas came up with revenge for his behaviour? No, no it wasn't.

What was a surprise was what those forms of revenge were!

As a consequence for his actions he was:

- Humiliated

- Raped

- Physically abused

- Tortured

- Molested

- And bullied...

I was disgusted. Yes he was a bully, but no bully deserves that severity of a punishment for their actions... Bully or no bully, Laughing Jack did not deserve repeated abuse as his punishment.

I haven't read the comic nor am I planning to, but frankly, just seeing what's happening to a character who physically and mentally, as well as psychologically needs help, I wouldn't ever give this comic a second chance.

What appalled me even more was the fact that everyone felt that he deserved these harsh and traumatic actions! The creator themselves said that they created Laughing Jack's character with the sole purpose of being a hated character!

I don't know about you, but if I heard that a bully was getting harmed in cruel and unjustified reasons such as sexual assualt and torture, I wouldn't think that they deserved it. The reality is: Just because someone is a bully and has possibly wronged you, most certainly does not mean you get to put them through physical torture and abuse as revenge...

The worst part for L.J. Is that he can't escape what's happening to him. Sure he could leave Slenderman's household, but where would he go? Zalgo [his torturer] sure as hell ain't taking him in and giving him help. The normal result for an individual would be suicide, but being immortal, L.J. doesn't have this option as he physically can not die. Thus, his life will always be a never-ending nightmare of rape, torture and abuse, until the Creepypastas get bored of hurting him.

So: I had my topic for the drawing, now what to do with it?

Easy. Show the impact of these actions of L.J. as a character. No person, sane or insane, will be emotionless towards the sort of stuff PastaMonsters LJ is going through. So, show the audience what he hides from the viewers. What lies under his makeup.

Warning: If you like this comic and are going to argue with me I will hide you comment and pretend you never came. So before you argue, think.
Minecrafts newest update
Nyx's Litter
Meet the six children of Sterrestelsel and Nyx (in order of age):
- Juliet Sapphire Dustfall
- Josie Metallica Dustfall
- Fione Jasper Dustfall
- Alina Grace Dustfall
- Chase Tanzanite Dustfall
- Jordan Latveria Dustfall

:thumb750790453: and :thumb705618070:

Fun facts:
Juliet wants to find the fun aspect of her life
Josie wants to find her soulmate
Fione wants to know as much as she can
Alina wishes to be a princess
Chase wants to be a member of the royal guard 
Jordan... gets most of Nyx's attention being a runt and lives in constant fear of death.

Please do not steal these lil babies. I will not be happy if they are stolen .-.
Also both their mommas will be after you if you try to steal them.

Bases used:
Base belongs to :iconselenaede:

If you want to roleplay:
*Cries of pain leave the hospital ward young cries of little cubs, newly born*
Doctor: Mrs Dustfall? You may see them now.
I'm thinking about doing the Ultimate Custom Night Cast Speedpaint trend that's going around. You chose if I should do it
An now the moment I was sort of dreading. Picking the winners of the competition.
I've only seen 4 entries and already I'm scared of resulting so here is a few things to be wary of.
When I reveal the results, Please don't be annoyed or angry if you didn't win, as I said, picking the winners was a hard choice for me.

Now Let's review the prizes.
1st place: A full digital/ traditional drawing containing up to 5 characters.
2nd place: A chibi drawing of 2-3 characters
3rd place: A single chibi on a blank background

These are the entries I received so if your entry isn't here, you possibly forgot to or didn't know how to tag me.
Magic Lessons by randomrubyandwishes   Next gen enters a new year! (Contest entry) by puresthope125
A theatre teacher's grand return. by elvenpriest01
Me VS School by Geko2632
1st place: :icongeko2632: 
2nd Place: :iconrandomrubyandwishes:
3rd place: :iconpuresthope125:

Congrats to the winners and please do not be upset if your entry was not chosen. It was an extremely hard choice.
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