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Spotlight Cliffjumper cover

This is the cover line art for the upcoming Transformers Spotlight: Cliffjumper book from IDW Publishing.

Also be sure to check out the beautifully colored version, done by :iconnoprips: here: [link]

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Looks good mate.

Can't wait to see it in print.
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Very nice work:)
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Thanks a lot man!
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Pretty much seconded on all counts - great work, love seeing a few different styles up there too. Good to see you back mate and even better to see more TF work coming from you too!
REX-203's avatar
Thanks so much man. It's good to be back. Now I hope to stay! :)
wordmongerer's avatar
I'll be holding you to that!
BrenGun's avatar
looks great!!!!!!!!!
christhedragon's avatar
Great details, very nice inking. :thumbsup:
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bertogrimlock's avatar
Wow! Can't wait to see his action!
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Somvold's avatar
Great job especially the amount of details you put into the cover.
REX-203's avatar
Somvold's avatar
Always a pleasure.
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tis the sex mate. i want to have babies with your line art
REX-203's avatar
Haha, you sure about that?! lol

Thanks Liam. :)
LiamShalloo's avatar
to quote Warren Ellis
"Im full of useful devises" :P
weremole's avatar
I love this cover. Its so refreshing over the usual "Dramatic pose, crotch thrust, STARE AT MY MASSIVE RIFLE OF DEATH" type of cover.

~It also reminds me of Aura Battler Dunbine for some strange reason so yeah.

In any case. Keep up the good work. =)
REX-203's avatar
Thanks so much man. I wanted to incorporate more of the story on this one.
royi-20's avatar
your still alive?
great work
does the elfs suppose to be there
REX-203's avatar
Yep, alive and kicking, thanks!

Of course they're supposed to be there. Why else would I have drawn them? lol But they're humanoid aliens though, not elfs. :P
royi-20's avatar
oh... thats explain it I didn't guess the conection to the transformers
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