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Shockwave... ARE ALL DEAD.

By REX-203
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This was a commission which the client wanted an updated, modernized version of the timeless cover of Marvel's Transformers issue number 5 that was done by Mark Bright.

I felt a little awkward about doing this one, since the original is so dang awesome, but I enjoyed doing it nonetheless.

Peace! :peace::)
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The original was on of the best covers of the Marvel run. Nicely done.
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My boyfriend wants to color this picture and post it elsewhere. Do you mind if he does so while giving you proper credit?
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The original was such an iconic issue.

Transformers was just being upgraded from a mini to a full fledged title.

I think it's hard to improve on something so awesome but you did a great job with the line art.
The problem is whoever colors this piece better be awesome because the bar for this one is set real high.

Nice work:clap:
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May I try and colour it? Once someone here on DA suggested me to try and colour a more detailed TF's pict, and now I'd like to actually give it a try :please:
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Sure, go for it! :)
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Thanks a lot :aww:
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I used this for coloring practice (more or less) if you don't mind

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Sure, have fun! Thanks for crediting me for it. :-)
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no problem! :D
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Awesome commission work Rob! Love the mad detail you've put into old Shockie. :)
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Thanks Ryan! :peace::)
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That piece looks like I have seen it somewhere before :D

Thanks again Robby, cant wait for the next one!
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Haha, you're very welcome Tim. Thank you too!

Working on the new sketches today! :)
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Hi, Rex! It's Lea from the LA Airport! Glad you posted something again.
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Hey Lea! Thanks, and thanks for the fave!
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DUDE, marry me
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LOL Thanks D. =p
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Shockwave "Those damn Micromasters DID IT AGAIN, when i catch them next time their dead" - the battle with grapheti artists continues...
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WOW SO AWESOME!! :faint:
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:hug: You're welcome.
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