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Optimus Minor Bot Mode inks

From the Beast Wars Sourcebook, here is Optimus Minor in Robot mode. :)
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I would change his name to Rodimus instead.

If half of season 3 was rewritten, there would've been more protoforms than that Dinobot clone.

This guy would've trained Cheetor to control the power.
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This guy was my very first transformers toy. Fudgin awesome. *Looks at closet* I should go find him. Seeing as I got him when I was a little kid I never bothered to look and the box or the instructions so I always assumed he was an odd looking Optimus Primal and have called him that to this day, oops.
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I have the toy at home - he is a lotta fun, and it was great to see him in the Beast Wars comics!
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Awesome drawing, you gonna colour it?
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Absolutely fantastic, Robby. I'm so glad that he's finally there in all his glory! You did an outstanding job on him.
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Thanks man! Sorry for the delay in uploading it.
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Wicked! The pose is really dramatic and there's loads of sweet detail in the pic. :) Excellent work! Very well done!
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Thanks man! How've you been?
Gunmetalblack's avatar
Been OK. The usual ups and downs I guess. haven;t drawn as much lately, but I'm trying to get back in the game. :)
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wow looks great
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Thanks again Bren!
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any conection to Optimus Prime
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Actually, I don't think there is a connection, besides both being Maximals. But I could be wrong...
royi-20's avatar
I hope he's not the the revenging brother like Ultra Mgnus in RID
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OMG I have the action figure for him!
vforvengeance's avatar
So this can transforms into a monkey?
NuclearConvoy's avatar
Very nice, man.
Good to see you're still alive and kickin ass. You left DevArt for quite a while there.
REX-203's avatar
Hey thanks NC! Yep, still alive. Probably more like getting my ass kicked though. lmao

I've lurked here and there, just haven't had enough time to be as active, unfortunately.
NuclearConvoy's avatar
Well, let's hope you become a regular again.

Have you been doing a lot of pro work?
I've noticed a cover here or there from you, but not a lot of stuff overall. Anything I might not know about?

Going to be doing any full comics again any time?
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Really like the dynamic pose.
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Thanks Som. :)
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