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Mazinger 350Z

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What would happen if Mazinger crossed over with TransFormers? Okay, it WOULD be the biggest car in the world, but wouldn't it be cool? Concept, lineart and colors by me.
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That's so awesome!
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This is amazing.
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kinda does remind me if Mazinger got a licensed Transformer figure in the Alternity line 
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That sounds interesting. Maybe it would be a BotCon/TFCC exclusive.
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or rather

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Interesting concept indeed! :)
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Good design, but considering the Nissan is known as "Fairlady Z" in Japan, wouldn't Aphrodite or Venus A be more appropriate?
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350---Z! I Like it! Very epic concept. "Rocket Punch!"
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Mazinger Z: A transformer or a Zord
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History Lesson: Mazinger Z (also the first of the Super Robots - Tetsujin28 doesn't count, he had the pilot safely outside using a remote control - was born a day Go Nagay was blocked in the traffic of Tokyo, and thought "Ah, If my car had legs, I could suinply walk away... And if it had arms, I could simply trash all other cars...". First version of Mazinger Z, so, sorta *was* a car! (also, while the body was more or less the same, the head was a small car)
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Transformers and Mazinger!! good combination.
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Mazinger Z, Transform and Roll Out!
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That's neat, great idea of putting the Zs together.
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Well... Grandpa Z is kinda the first Headmaster out there...
Dunno about 350Z, but I think you could fit Mazinger Z int truck+trailer altmode... Though he still will be about 3 meters taller than Ultra Magnus or Starsaber.
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Maziiiiiiiiiiiingo! Transform and ROLL OUT!
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Sora ni Sobieru Kurogane no Shirou
Supaa Robotto Majingaa Zeto
Muteki no Chikara wa Bokura no Tame ni
Seigi no Kokoro wo Pairudaaa ON
Tobase Tekken Rokketo Panchi
Ima Da Dasu n Da
Buresuto Faiyaaaa
Majin Go
Majin Go
Majingaa Z
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Rocket Puuuunnnchhh!!!
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Rocket Punche!!! I would buy toy for him. He would hang with all my Go Nagai toys and Transformers. Great Idea.
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This is cool!
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heh.. interesting concept.
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First I thought that this is the new mazinger. Great treatment man! Love it. :D
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