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Wow okay

Wow okay

I for some reason can't even post a comment on this godforsaken website wtf I might as well deactivate my deviantart at this point.

I should probably upload some stuff

I should probably upload some stuff

But everything is formatted for tumblr so it's all in separate pictures and uugghhh it's such a pain to reformat it but I will eventually for you deviantart. I have a few comics for youuu.

Doodle/art tumblr

Doodle/art tumblr will probably upload way more stuff there since I am apparently addicted to tumblr now lol. poor quality doodles ahoy!

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Creature-ItStudent Traditional Artist
Hiiii, you don't know me, I guess. I've been following you since you were on Sheezyart (holy shit, right?) and I've always admired your work, but never really said anything because cool artists intimidate me. ;u;
I found you again after a while and now I'm here and I want to tell you how great you are and stuff.
Holy shit indeed!! (Also sorry for taking so long to reply, finals week lol). I didn't even remember sheezy art existed until you reminded me. That was such a wonderful comment to read though thank you so much. :') I really appreciate it (coming from a fellow lurker haha)
BUWAHAHAHAHAAA!! Budgie speaking in rapid Japanese <3 [link]
Ahahaha god fucking so high energy birds. Mine have started screaming in the morning again uggghhh. They stopped for awhile and it was so pleasant but when they're just screaming their goddamn tiny useless bird brains out it makes me wanna kill them >8(

John was disappointed to see only Dartanion step onto my finger for a couple seconds and I was all like "Well what were you expecting pff"
I can't remember if I showed you this video or not...



Miss you. =(
Ahahaha I have actually seen the original of that. xD Cockatoos are the dancers of the bird world lolol.

Aww I miss you too dude! I texted calvin happy birthday on his birthday and he never texted me back |:< Is school/life getting any better over there in Ohio? I just had two exams so I am FRIED FFFFF need greasy chinese fooood
What's the original?

Oh you know. It's still highly unfortunate. I want greasy Chinese food. TwT Imma go to Oktoberfest though, so lots of German corned beef MMMMM. I miss you tons dude. Even though I hate it we should phone chat sometime. I COMPLETELY forgot about Calvin's birthday until like a week ago LOLOL XD;;;