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The Revuh Collective is proud to present to you our new home! As of today Revuh can be accessed from revuh.net as well as revuh.nl. This move represents the global nature of the Revuh Collective, as we have people from all edges of the world.  We've launched a brand new site that is much more powerful and user friendly. Check it out at revuh.net !

What’s new?

We recently gave the Revuh Collective a major upgrade. You should find our new home easier to navigate around and much more aesthetically pleasing to look at.
You've probably noticed that we're now available at revuh.net. As we've grown and became a global network, we've decided it's time to adopt a global web address. We're proud to say that you can now find us online at revuh.net as well as revuh.nl.
We've adopted a fresh, clean look. We believe it's all about our creatives art, and we want to let them speak for themselves. You'll find our new home visual, simplistic, and centered around the art itself.
We've discontinued our community forums and our image upload service [at least for the near future] so we can focus our efforts on providing the highest quality creative exhibitions we can deliver. But you can still interact with us through our social network outlets, which can be accessed through the icons on the top of the page.
So please join us and visit our new home at www.revuh.net!
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maratenn's avatar
Ziet er netjes uit, succes met de nieuwe artpacks!
Joetjuhh's avatar
En Kyl, we'll get back to you ;). Heb ik je op msn btw? Voeg me toe: joetjuhh@hotmail.com
maratenn's avatar
ja ik zal wat vaker online, ik dacht dat ik jou al had ;)
Joetjuhh's avatar
Maarten de Leeuw right? Komt goed! ;)
zer0nyx's avatar
How do I apply?
Joetjuhh's avatar
For now, we are mostly inviting artists. But ofcourse, you may apply if you feel you're ready! We have an e-mail address for that: creatives@revuh.net .
Check out the 'Moved' paged on [link] , on the bottom.

Thanks for the interest!
zer0nyx's avatar
You're welcome!
I've applied and I hope to join the team :)
vinca-e's avatar
Wait, the site is on beta, but is on [link]
Liersie's avatar
heb jij hem geschreven?
Joetjuhh's avatar
Dit bericht? Gedeeltelijk. Why?
Liersie's avatar
nee bedoel de website haha
Joetjuhh's avatar
Nee, dat heeft ~BeyondGlory gedaan, aka apti aka Josh Henninger.
Liersie's avatar
ah nja, ziet er gelikt uit :)
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