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[EDIT 8-13-08] koi pond has her new pics up! she is also now for sale in my etsy shop, please consider giving her a nice home! [link]

koi pond. i've been working on her a while now. i finally got done braiding her hair :) she has many glass beads braided into her mane and tail. i tried very hard to have a flowing design in the paint and the hair. i hope everyone likes her.

she is for sale. if she is not bought by july 4th she will go onto ebay. i am hoping for $65-$75 for her. she has been a labor of love, but also a lot of paint, time, energy and precious glass beads.

her base is a fair weather, her mane and tail are real pony hair taken from the tails of the four easter toola roola's used in my avatar series of ponies, as well as her own tail. so 5 tails on one pony ^_^ she has an all over messy watery paint job and 9 koi painted on her body. a white and black pair in a yin yang type pattern on her non display side, as well as two pink as the heart marking where her magnet is. she has one on each cheek and a pretty orange one on the front of her face. another oragne one is on her front display leg and one big pink on her display side hip.

i haven't counted her braids but i have several in her mane, two from the top wrap around her head as crown of sorts, and several simply beaded. one large fish shaped bead is in her mane as well (i think the camera shows it as a blue elongated blob.) then the loose peices of her mane are wrapped and bound, kinda messily, but i think it works for a pond ^_^

on her tail again several beads and braids, one braid wraps the base of her tail. i left teh unbraided peices loose with a nice curl/wave in it.

please comment, let me know what you like and what you don't like. i will not do any touch ups on her, but i appreciate knowing what i can do better in the future.

koi pond is (c) me, christi m morgan
mlp, fair weather, and toola roola are (c) hasbro
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