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Social Media Buttons [4]

:bulletblue: These are free to use!!
Please :+fav: if you use one! Thanks n_n

EDIT!!!   These are free to use.  NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT free to steal.  You may use these on your page.  You may NOT trace them.  You may NOT redesign them.  You may NOT use them as a base to create your own using my design.  I have been having too many issues as of late so I apologize for being strict.  

for more buttons, go here -->…

:bulletblue: I looked at the logos as references, but I pixeled them all myself
:bulletblue: How to use 

Below I have provided the starting html code you will need to use these. Im not sure if this is a premium membership privilege or not. (custom boxes are members only, but I think there is a way you can ad html code to journals, and or your deviant ID page, but im not 100% positive)

just copy these codes below

My Anime List

<a href="Your My Anime List URL here"><img src=""></a>


<a href="Your Steam URL here"><img src=""></a>


<a href="Your Pinterest URL here"><img src=""></a>

World Cosplay

<a href="Your World Cosplay URL here"><img src=""></a>

Smack Jeeves

<a href="Your Ask Jeeves URL here"><img src=""></a>


<a href="Your Scratch URL here"><img src=""></a>

Ask Fm

<a href="Your Ask Fm URL here"><img src=""></a>

We Heart It

<a href="Your We Heart It URL here"><img src=""></a>


<a href="Your Weasyl URL here"><img src=""></a>

Please let me know if any of these do not work and i will fix them as soon as I can.  

Want to make a suggestion?  Go HERE:
  Logo Button Suggestions List!
Hi guys!!  So over the past months you all have been making great suggestions for logo buttons! Which I appreciate greatly!  The only issue is...I keep forgetting where those suggestions are, and my list is starting to have multiple doubles because I keep forgetting.  So!  I'm going to leave it up to you guys to help keep me organized!!

Here is where you may comment on a suggested Logo Button.


* Please check the current sets I have made so you don't suggest one I've already done.
* Please read over the list below to ensure someone hasn't already suggested the one you've made!
* Please be patient with me! I love making these, but I hardly have time to do anything any more.  

I promise I'll make some of these when I can!

Complete Sets:
(In Pictures)

Here are the rest of my buttons!…

Thank you all so much for using!

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SilversFanGurl's avatar
I'm going to use this :heart:
AyeItzAyeshax's avatar
using it but only for scratch- 
Doggutsz's avatar
That's one weird looking Steam logo but w/e
ComicStudiosINK's avatar
theresa scratch icon xd
Dashi52's avatar
Omg it work, this is amazing, i used them.

and they are really cool!!
tox-ink's avatar
im using a variety of your icon thingos. thanks!
zamasuswife's avatar
Does it work for non-core accounts?
ThatCloud96's avatar
i have scratch account tho
ChocoWolfah's avatar
you have one for Furry Amino? ;o;
duskliights's avatar
I tried to use the Scratch one, but it came up with the link next to the image? Look on my profile to see
duskliights's avatar
Zantarian's avatar
You're the best! Thank you for making these!
Keldeopony167's avatar
using the scratch one :>
dAgreatMeowflash's avatar
Hey, you made a Scratch icon! :D

I have a Scratch account, you know.
jeffyjeffy1023's avatar
Same Here fellow scratcher!
perii-draws's avatar
I thought I was seriously the only one on DA that uses scratch (my username is spiritwolf01 and I'd really appreciate a follow) lol
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