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These are free to use!!  BUT do NOT steal them.  TRACE them.  COPY them. SELL them.  CLAIM them as your own.  Ive been having some real issues with this lately.  Im happy to make these for all of you to use.  But I do not enjoy having things stolen from me.  

How to use!

Copy the link of the logo you wish to use.  where it says "Your X URL here"  place your respected url of the page that matches the logo.  for example.  

< code nonsense="your DA URL here"><"DA Logo button code nonsense">    --->  ""><"code nonsense"></code>

<a href="Your WritersCafe URL here"><img src=""></a>

<a href="Your Wattpad URL here"><img src=""></a>

Store Envy
<a href="Your Store Envy URL here"><img src=""></a>

<a href="Your Quotev URL here"><img src=""></a>

<a href="Your Polyvore URL here"><img src=""></a>

<a href="Your Picarto URL here"><img src=""></a>

<a href="Your Patreon URL here"><img src=""></a>

<a href="Your ooVoo URL here"><img src=""></a>

<a href="Your Mibba URL here"><img src=""></a>

Live Journal
<a href="Your LiveJournal URL here"><img src=""></a>

<a href="Your Kik URL here"><img src=""></a>

Ink Bunny
<a href="Your InkBunny URL here"><img src=""></a>

<a href="Your IMVU URL here"><img src=""></a>

<a href="Your Imgur URL here"><img src=""></a>

<a href="Your Flipnote URL here"><img src=""></a>

<a href="Your Ello URL here"><img src=""></a>

Colour Lovers
<a href="Your ColourLovers URL here"><img src=""></a>

<a href="Your Behance URL here"><img src=""></a>

Let me know if any of these don't work and Ill try to fix it!!

Want to make a suggestion? Go HERE:  

Logo Button Suggestions List!
Hi guys!!  So over the past months you all have been making great suggestions for logo buttons! Which I appreciate greatly!  The only issue is...I keep forgetting where those suggestions are, and my list is starting to have multiple doubles because I keep forgetting.  So!  I'm going to leave it up to you guys to help keep me organized!!

Here is where you may comment on a suggested Logo Button.


* Please check the current sets I have made so you don't suggest one I've already done.
* Please read over the list below to ensure someone hasn't already suggested the one you've made!
* Please be patient with me! I love making these, but I hardly have time to do anything any more.  

I promise I'll make some of these when I can!

Complete Sets:
(In Pictures)

You can find all the icons ive done by following this link:…

It may take me some time to get around to them, but I will do them when I can

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You Should Of Made Flipnote Orange :V Still, Awesome Logos

Sleepy-Stardust's avatar
So I can't use these in a commission?
Teaicup's avatar
Have you made one for redbubble before?
Ale-xii's avatar
Using these buttons and a few more <3

+ Will give credit to you.
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Hey! Thank you so much for making this! I really love the Wattpad icon :iconfangirlzplz::iconfangirlzplz::iconfangirlzplz:
animeWolffreak23's avatar
Super nice, thanks for making these.
Will use c:
Kat-Kael's avatar
and i'm gonna use Wattpad on this one .w.''
Hoppin-Frogs's avatar
Do you have a Discord one? :?
Moonluxx's avatar
I keep seeing your comments everywhere on page coding stuff X'D
Hoppin-Frogs's avatar
Because I like this stuff you don't need to point it out everywhere omg
Moonluxx's avatar
I'm sorry...... is this not my first time commenting that? Llama Emoji-56 (Hiding) [V3] Llama Emoji 33 (Down or Depressed) [V2] 
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Nice job. Nice to see the LJ one.
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 :happybounce: :happybounce: 

This is great 
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using 2! thanks for making it!
Asychoxic's avatar
Using some ! :3
Amarashinoka's avatar
Ellalasting's avatar
Using one~ Again, thank you very much!
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You Can Download Free PSD Logo Templates From:
It's Exclusive, Check it. :) ❤
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