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Itty Bit Logo Buttons 1

Hey all!!! I know its been forever since I've uploaded anything!
I've actually had these done for a while, but never got around to writing in the codes for them!
Every itty bit icon has a normal sized icon counter part

You can see all the normal sized icons I've created, and even suggest some I haven't done yet, here!!
(For every normal sized one I do, I'll make an itty bit counterpart)

Rather than writing the code in the DA description (Which takes forever) I've written it on a Google Sheet!…

Visiting this link will allow you to view, and copy the desired itty bit code you need! (But it won't let you edit the doc - so you wont need to worry about someone messing with the codes)

If you have any questions, or find any broken links - let me know!!

As always, these are free to use! So you don't need to ask for permission to use them on your DA Page! (You do, however, need to ask my permission to use them outside of DA - Note Me)
I love making these and I love that people enjoy using them!!  If you'd like to help a poor soul out, you can buy me a coffee! Thank you!
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Thank you so much! These are super cute <3
Imomi-Henka's avatar
Using! Thank you so much! <3
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It seems many folks are having issues because of the style of " that is in the document. You might want to go in and change all of those to the proper working DA one OR make note of that in the docu to let folks know that they need to do that. ^^;
hara-peko's avatar
Using! Thanks a bunch! These are honestly the cutest <3
Yumepoii's avatar
Huh.. I think that the "Google+" code is broken or something.. I can't use ;;-;;
Prince-Yano's avatar
Did you change the quotation marks before posting this comment? Because Google Docs quotations are very different and won't work in the code.
Yumepoii's avatar
Nop and.. I just tried without quotation marks but it still does not appear. The tumblr and Instagram worked even with quotes ;-;
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ik this is an old comment but all u need to do is re-write the quotation marks, not delete them! google docs is weird and its quotation marks are slightly different lol, just delete those and type new ones in their place and you'll be good ^^ 
Yumepoii's avatar
Oh Thanks you! Now I can use it! ;u; Thaaanks
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You might be doing something wrong because it works fine for me! I just tested it out.
Yumepoii's avatar
Thanks chuu using~
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if anyone wants a itty bit discord button, I made one for myself a while back!
Discord by toyfrnd 
toyful's avatar
Made a few more!
Paypal by toyfrnd Kofi by toyfrnd
hara-peko's avatar
Thank you A LOT for these!
Inferno-rose's avatar
Thank you so much! I would like to use it on my Twitch, if you don't mind.
Prince-Yano's avatar
You are a god!! Tysm for this!!
necroromancers's avatar
aw man, no itty bitty pinterest one?
I must say, these look quite nice!
butterdcreamcake's avatar
could you make a amino logo button?
LumiDraws's avatar
Ah everything but Pinterest :3
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The codes do not work for me, in fact I copied and pasted them, changing only the URL where indicated, but instead of leaving the icon, all the written code appears xD
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