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December 15, 2008
The suggester says "Can you believe it's only her 2ND?!" about Emily by *Revonael, and to the suggester: No, no I can't!!
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DD? :faint:


Second completed vexel; I think I'm getting better.

I'm pretty happy with the ruffles and the right half of her face. She had a bunch of hair and knitted hatlike stuff that I recognized I probably couldn't do well. I covered it with black instead.

I did it from a fashion picture I "borrowed" from the art room.

About... 10? 12? 15? hours.

Critique'd be much appreciated; still pretty new to this art form.
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this is the coolest style I've even come across! I like how the cellshading still makes this piece really soft...and it has a really nice flow to it as well!
Awesome job! o u o b